Life is good in the trailer hood!

About Evie’s Gardens

In Evie’s Gardens you will find almost anything under the sun!

It’s just day-to-day, thoughts, feelings, and happenings.

Some days my life overflows with gardens of humor, compost, and sometimes deep reflection depending on what God puts on my heart to share.  (Nothing’s changed much here!)

Life is a garden and mine grows daily with many beautiful  blessings.

Most importantly I love my Lord!

Besides that I am just a country girl who loves family, flowers, food, and fun.

My passions are writing, art, nature photography, and singing! I create greeting cards and poster prints from my photos.

My children, grand kids, great grand kids, and family, and friends complete my life, along with my soul mate – my partner for over twenty years! (This has been 22 years next month!)

Living close to one of the biggest man-made lakes in the US, and being able to work in my gardens pretty much makes me happy!

Oh, and my kitchen. Love my prepping kitchen. I have collected through the years, all kinds of manual kitchen tools… so I am prepared for what ever happens.

I enjoy cooking, baking, and preserving food. I do like help with the dishes.

Not my favorite thing to do, since I grew up in a family of ten children. We had three dishwashers… Pat, Vicki, and mu-ah! Mu-ah being the middle.

Yeah, I know. 😉

We are living and loving our life and we share it with Hope, our four-legged daughter, and the cats! (Our Hope is no longer with us… meaning our little dog, but she lives on in Moses… her oldest son who led the others out!  🙂 )

I love to live “under the Son”!

~ Evie

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