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Pulling on Heart Strings

Plant kindness, harvest love!

There are many reasons why friendships start, flourish, or end.

Everyone is different, and it would be a boring world if we were the same. Thankfully, we are not. The various personalities of people you meet bring something unique into to your life.

Maybe one keeps you laughing, another keeps you grounded. Could be you both share the same interests or hobbies. You might have a friend with a shoulder that you lean on, or you could have one that leans on yours.

Sometimes it might be a long distance move that keeps you away from each other, and you gradually grow apart.

It could be a spoken word and one gets offended, then a rift occurs.

We won’t always agree with what our friends think, or with the words that come out of their mouths. Our friends probably won’t always agree with us. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other.

I have a lot of friends from many places, races, different political views, and various walks of life. Some are almost destitute, while others live in fancy houses, and drive fancy cars.

I meet new people almost daily, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends quite often on Facebook. My friends are what make me complete, whether it is my sisters, friends, or sister friends. I need them in my life, I learn from them all. We all have difference of opinions, sometimes.

The one thing in common that I notice about my friends is this… they all have good hearts! If you have drifted from your friends, make the effort to reconnect.

If you are hurt by your spouse, a family member or friend, or have offended someone, try making the first step and reconciling that relationship! Both hearts will receive a blessing.

Send a card, make a phone call, go visit that friend!

Life is short, people are human and we all make mistakes!

To all my friends, thank you for being my friend, even though I am a weirdo!

I will leave you with a piece of advice that my mother told her children, and I instructed all the kids in my life!

“If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all!”

You might just save a friendship, by being silent and talking to God about the situation!


Simplicity Or Imperfection

In this world of technology and hectic schedules there never seems time to relax.

The chores seem to pile up and when we do have a free day from work or errands, we have to play catch up at home!

I have figured out that perfection has no place at my home.

Another thing is, the simpler, the better.

My house looks lived in, and my gardens need weeding!

The laundry is not folded and put away.

Everything used  to be in its place and  the kitchen countertop cleared and wiped down. Now when I have dirty dishes, I am reminded that we have plenty to eat! I look at it as a blessing!

Funny how my thoughts have changed as I have grown older.

It doesn’t bother me (much) if someone comes in and sees my vacuum that is sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Makes them think I am making the effort to clean, anyway! 

I don’t really care that my bed is unmade. I’m just going to get back in it afterwhile!

Clutter must be my friend, because it is always hanging around me, so I have just decided to embrace it! I may not pick it up tomorrow either.

I will not get stressed out over the imperfections in my life. I will just put the KISS procedure in place.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Who cares that the light bulb in the living room lamp has been burned out for three weeks. Just makes for ambiance and romance!

So the coffee is still setting on the counter, why waste time putting it away, when I am just going to make a pot later?

One thing I do to keep order is play a game called Ten Things. When I take a break from whatever it is I am doing, I pick up and put away ten things. Soon, those ten things multiply and the house is straightened!

This is simplicity at its best, because it can be overwhelming when you are trying to accomplish everything at one time.

A time saver I love is my crock pot! My meals cook while I am doing other chores, so I am multi-tasking! That makes me feel better, because I am getting more done, in less time!

Another time saver I have figured out has to do with folding laundry, wash cloths in particular. I realized that if I fold them in half instead of fourths, my folding time is cut in half. The less folds, the faster the laundry is done!

What do you do to save time at your house? Please share your tips with us!

So, I say multi-task, keep it simple, and embrace those imperfections. There are no perfect people!

Then meet me on Facebook, and let’s chat!

1200 Pairs of Shoes? Really!

‎1200 pairs of shoes, come on people. Really?
I got up early so I could go sit out in the yard and have some peace and quiet with my coffee and enjoy my morning before I went to work.
Tony followed me from the bed!
So… I had turned the air conditioner off wrong! (He wouldn’t have done it that way!)
Then I hid his remote!
Okay, he turned the tv off, I was on my computer on Facebook when he went to bed! For those who know me, you know I am not a tv watcher! Why would I hide the remote?
So much for peace and quiet!
I went outside with my coffee, sat down at my table and looked at my pretty flowers that are croaking from the heat!
The cat jumped on me!
The dog jumped on me!
Okay that’s three jumps on me and it wasn’t even 6:20. 
Ready to go back to bed, myself, and I am a morning person! 🙂
But not this morning!
Minutes later Tony comes out and apologizes for being mean to me. (Yeah, he better be glad he did!)
So me, being the forgiving, sweet wife I am, go back inside.
Yeah, really, my coffee cup was empty!
I sat down beside my hubby, and watch the news.
And this is newsworthy? Okay!
Woman has 1200 pairs of shoes. Wow. That’s over three years of shoes if she wears a different pair every day!
Now, me, I can’t even find a decent pair of dress shoes in my closet to wear to church or a funeral. Wonder if she would donate to a worthy cause?
On a different note, why do people think 1200 pairs of shoes are worthy of national news, yet our military men and women who die every day protecting us, never make more than the local news?
Get real, media! What is important to you? And more so, what  do the people of America want to hear?
Not sorry,  but I am passionate when it comes to our military putting their lives on the line, and we get to watch… hello, 1200 pairs of shoes!
Get a life, people. There is more to life than buying shoes!
Don’t get me started! (Tony agrees, wholeheartedly!)
Okay, I am through with that.
Here’s my tip for the day…
Whatever you do, don’t think that you can go do your job unobserved by others. I left home this morning, (no air conditioning in my Blazer) knowing that no one would be there, where I was!
Wrong, again!
My lady had knee surgery and they were home by 10:00 AM.
That’s twice in this month, that has happened. Next time, I will be dressed nicely complete with make up!
Hello, how old are you, Evelyn? You should have known!
‘Til tomorrow, have a blessed day, and keep that sense of humor!

Dog Days of Summer

RIP... Peewee, at least you are cool!

Dog days of summer!

Heard it all my life!

Felt it for almost a month now!

So anyone out there have any good ideas as how to make it better?

The thermometer on the Blazer reads 110.

Really, now, how much more can we take?

I tell Tony every summer he can’t gripe about the heat, because he complains all winter about the cold.

Thinking he is probably going to say, “Right back at you!”

‘Cause, people, it is hot here in Oklahoma! I don’t usually perspire, but now, you can just me a sweat hog, because I am drenched in it!

Being from this state, and never living anywhere else, I must say I have never lived through a summer like this.

You most likely are getting tired of hearing about the heat in Oklahoma!

So… just saying, why don’t you visit us soon, and get a first hand feel for yourself! Then you will know why we are pouting.

What do you do when it is 110 outside and even the shade trees are crying?

Please share with us!

Television is getting old, and housework, hello, not happening!

I have a good excuse. It’s just too hot! (Good as any!)

Here’s what people in Oklahoma are saying!

My friend Deidre commented on Facebook about it being so hot the seat belt buckles are carrying their own brands! I totally agree. Want to see a Chevy brand? It’s a Blazer. No pun intended 🙂

Cousin Carlos said, “It’s so hot, even the trees are chasing stray dogs!”

I’m thinking my Morkie, Hope, is scared to go outside, afraid of a tree running her over!

I just keep repeating, “The trees are crying!”

Sad thing is, they are crying alligator tears! Not a drop is falling to the ground!

Fake, just fake!

My niece, Angie, wants to relocate to Colorado! I told her I was stowing away in her luggage. (Watch out niece, Diane, we could be heading your way! We want to be cool!)

Another friend of mine called in to work to ask her boss if she could stay home and play in the rain.

Her boss said yes!

Now, what does that tell you?

Unfortunately we only got a few drops, so she went to work. She did tell her boss if the rain started, she (the boss) would find her (my friend, Jen) in the parking lot, playing!

Okay, enough complaining. I will finish with the words to a song I like from The Band Perrys’  song, “If I Die Young” …

So gather up your tears and keep ’em in your pocket….save them for a time when you’re really gonna need ’em… (like this winter when we can’t stay warm!):)

Today’s Tip:

Take a spray bottle, fill it with water. Spray yourself! Very cooling! Add some cooling fragrance, like mint. Don’t spray in your eyes!

Today’s Humor: (Real story)

When I was a very young teenager, on a very hot day, we sat in church. Of course there was no air conditioning.

The windows of the church were wide open, letting what breeze that would, come in!

I was on one of the back rows with my “teenage” friends. (We thought we were big!)

My two youngest brothers were sitting with my parents way in the front.

Again, let me remind you, the windows were open.

It was getting close to lunchtime. Someone was frying chicken next door.

The church got quiet.

My youngest brother, Steve, stood up and said loudly, (I heard it, so did everyone in the church)…

“Anyone like fried taters, raise your hand!”

As I was sliding under the chair, well, okay,  just wanting to…

my brother, Troy, 14 months older than Steve, stands up on the bench, and screams, “I do, I do!”

(So much for my social life!)

Everyone, have a blessed night, and remember, no complaining. God forgive me. 

Peace and contentment to you all,


Rain Dance, Anyone?



Not only do I hear rain, I can smell it in the air. Come on down you wonderful blessing, we are waiting for you! Oh, the glorious sound of rain drops hitting the rooftop delights my heart!


It’s funny how when you are a child, you sing the little song, “Rain, rain, go away!” 


Now we, in Oklahoma, are singing, “Rain, rain, rain today!”


The sound of thunder is like music to our ears, and the ground is soaking up every little rain drop! It seems strange that something as simple as a rain drop can change your whole attitude.


Back in April, we were praying for the rain to end, as our yard was flooded and my plants were washing out of the ground. I told everyone that it wouldn’t be long, we probably would be praying for rain.


And guess what? We are!


Maybe it is time for a rain dance. I said when it did come, I was going to dance in it, but maybe I should do a rain dance and bring it on?


I guess I’m not much of a rain dancer, because we only received less than a quarter of an inch!


That’s what they do at the Kubinski house when it rains! They dance in it! When we were there this past summer, we did just that!


I should call my granddaughter Ashley and have her dance for me!


Or maybe, we should just call Underwear Boy to the rescue. Looks like he could shake things up a bit! 🙂


Tip of the Day: Move your plants out of the sun to a shady place until the days cool off! They will love you for it!


Laugh of the Day:


 An honest weatherman says, “Today’s forecast is bright and sunny with an 80% chance that I’m wrong.”  (Believed to be public domain!)

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

You don't know what is lurking out there! Our grandson cut his foot right here!

A friend of ours is in a medically induced coma from diving from a boat in Lake Eufaula. He is in his mid twenties.

This morning, the news reported a man drowned in the same lake, jumping off the cliffs just a few miles from us.

 Several years ago, my niece broke her back from cliff jumping in Connecticut! 

We hear of these happenings so often on the news, yet people don’t consider what is not seen. None would have done that, if they had known what was lurking beneath the surface.

This weekend as we were checking our lines for fish, one of them was tangled so badly, it took several tries to finally get untangled. The culprit was a tree in the middle of the lake!

As we watched the depth finder on the pontoon, out in the middle of the body of water, it registered three feet. Who knew?

People think they know what is beyond the depths of the water, around the corner, under the woodpile, in someone else’s mind!

Sadly, we don’t, and really need to be careful to check things out before blindly jumping into any situation; injuring ourselves, ruining, or ending our life!

On a lighter note, even though our fishing expedition wasn’t that successful as far as bringing in the “big” one, it was a great weekend with friends on the water. My friend Beth and I both agree, it’s a good thing we aren’t professional fishermen. We would starve!

With the late night and early morning routine of checking the lines, I was so brain-dead today, I had to take a nap. I think this is telling my age,  or maybe it was just a chocolate overdose!

Fortunately there were previously caught crappie and catfish in the freezer to feed the crew. Add to that, some wonderful spaghetti salad, American cheese, marinated mushrooms, pea salad,  fresh salad, and yummy sweet tea!

 We were stuffed, contented and relaxed… and exhausted from the rough water!

I thought we needed chocolate. I didn’t realize Beth was thinking the same thing! When I walked in her door, she laughed and exclaimed, “I thought we needed chocolate!”  

Ooh, No-Bake Cookies!

“I was thinking the same thing, Beth! Where can I put these chocolate covered strawberries?”  

To me, it doesn’t get any better than this mouth-watering end to an excellent meal. Besides, strawberries are a good buy now, and ooh, so sweet!

Want to make some?  Here’s how I do it! It’s so sweet and easy!


Grab strawberries from fridge, wash and remove stems

 In a glass bowl, melt about a half of package of milk chocolate-chips in the microwave. ( 30 seconds, stir… 30 seconds stir! )

 Dip those strawberries, swirl them, and set them on a tray.

Put in freezer (or refrigerator) to harden the chocolate. 

After chocolate sets, put in deviled egg container, replace lid, and store in fridge until time to eat.

  •  Use any kind of flat tray, cutting board, etc., to harden the chocolate.  Some people don’t remove stems, but I do. (It’s a matter of preference.)
  • Deviled egg containers are wonderful for stabilizing strawberries if you are traveling with them. They stack great for when you need more than one tray.
  • Be prepared to go… UMM!

Starting now, I am going to add a little humor at the end of my posts. Here is one of the things today that made me laugh out loud!

My friend posted this on Facebook today.

I didn’t lose my mind.. I ran away from it… and if you see it.. please don’t tell it where I am! 😉

Beat The Heat

The sun goes down on another hot day in the trailerhood!

Here in the middle of the heat wave in Eufaula, America, it is just hotter than a firecracker. (Excuse the pun!) Even the air conditioners are crying!

I read on Facebook the other day that in some places the trees are chasing down stray dogs. Now, people you know that’s hot!

Up here in the trailerhood, we are trying to beat the heat!

Our mobile home is so hot that the air conditioners have a hard time keeping it livable, much less cool.  So if you are trying to stay cool, here are a few tips to help you out.

Okay, first, the obvious… drinks lots of ice water!  Around our place the ice maker can’t even keep up with the amounts of tea and water we consume.

Get wet! Take a cool shower or just wet a  washcloth and drape it around your neck. It will reduce the heat from your body! Sometimes I just keep one around my neck, especially if I am outside working.

Take the kids for a swim!  Get in that kiddie pool with the kids, even if it’s just your feet! You will not only cool off, the kids will think it’s cool, too! Make sure it is in the shade! 

Fortunately, we have the lake close by, and it is refreshing! We utilize it later in the evening, so our place cools down a little while we do, too!

This is one of my favorites! Don’t cook! Not only does cooking heat up the house, it’s just too hot for heavy food. Eat sandwiches and salads, or throw together a deli tray of whatever you have on hand. Kids love finger foods, and so do we! Preparation time is minimal, and your time is valuable.

You might even have time to comment on this blog, and share your own tips! 🙂

According to the U.S. Department of Energy as much as 45 percent of the amount of heat that enters your house can be eliminated by blocking the sun! Close curtains and blinds (better if they have sun-deflecting white on the window side).  At my house I use a dark throw in front of my white mini blinds. It does help to keep the heat out!

People use the following trick in the desert. When the air outside is dry and cooler than the air inside, hanging a damp sheet in an open window allows incoming breezes to be cooled by the evaporating water. So if your air conditioner isn’t working, and your windows are open, try this.

Wash your sheets, and instead of drying them in your dryer, hang them on your windows to dry. Save money on electricity by not running  the dryer!  Less heat enters your house from the dryer, too. 

What do you think? This sounds cool to me! I’m trying it! If someone comes in and makes fun of my decor, well, guess what? I will be cool, laughing all the way to the bank!

As always, God bless you and pray for rain!

Frugal or Just Cheap?

In today’s world I really think we have to consider every penny we spend, whether it is on groceries, a new pair of shoes, or a jet ski for fun.

What about you, frugal or just cheap?

I consider myself frugal. Maybe because we don’t have a lot of money, or I can’t see spending money when something I have that will work the same way.

How about you? Is there something in particular you do to save money? Do you use a clothes pin to seal a bag of chips, or make your own snacks for the kiddies and grand babies?

We would love to hear your tips and hints on how you make ends meet. Please share with us! There is a comment space at the end of this blog to share.  It will benefit us all if we share information!

Today, we need to make our money go as far as we can. Here are a couple of my tried and trusted ideas.

First of all… window and glass cleaners – I don’t buy them, and haven’t since early eighties.

Here’s the recipe.

Mix one part rubbing alcohol to four parts water! Cleans every bit as good as Windex for a fraction of the cost. Put it in your old Windex bottle, and viola… cleans glass, mirrors, tiles and disinfects, too! (If it is really nasty, go heavier on the rubbing alcohol.)

Secondly… need a tough cleaner for grease, spot cleaner for clothes? My sister, Pat, gave me these instructions back in the eighties, too.

Mix equal parts ammonia, Dawn dish-washing soap, and water. Put it in one of those leftover spray bottles. Gets grease out of clothes, off of your stove, fingerprints, and more. Works on tubs, too. Try it! (You probably shouldn’t use this on your latex walls, unless they are painted with a semi or glossy paint. It could take the paint off.)

Okay, that is two for you today. If you haven’t tried them, do so. It is much less expensive than brand names, and hey, every dollar counts. Let me know what you think!

Looking forward to your ideas, because I need all the help and advice I can get to stretch our finances as far as I can!

Have a blessed weekend friends, and remember God loves you (and me)!


Under The Sun

This morning as I sat drinking my coffee, I contemplated on what I should write about today. Usually it is about a particular subject that is on my mind, but this morning, I was just, well, brain-dead. So I checked my Facebook instead.

The topics on my Facebook ranged from giants in the church meeting, to hoola hoops for the waist, to giving blood, and much more. Everything under the sun is what was written.

This started me thinking that is just what I do, write about everything under the sun! Hoping you don’t get bored reading my blog!

Today is my friend’s birthday. You’ll have to guess how old she is, because I am older, not much mind you, but older! Plus, she might get mad at me! (My mother said a lady never tells her age! Oh no, that was another friend’s mother.)

I was thinking back to when we first met, many moons ago, about the times we’ve shared through the years. She was one of my firstpen pals, living several states away, we were probably ten years old. It makes me feel blessed that she is still in my life.

I have many friends from my youth that I stay in contact with, or have reconnected with through Facebook. I have made many more through the years.

Now in the process of writing a book about my sister-friends, I thought of a poem I wrote several years ago. Since you are my friend, I would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

A Friend Indeed

Did you ever wonder what a friend is about

Ever sit and think it out?

A friend will sit and lend an ear

To anything you want to share.

She won’t judge or think you bad

Even though you might make her sad.

A shoulder, on which you can lean,

The lines she won’t read between.

Won’t try to change who you are

But will try to help you go far.

In your life whatever you do

Hard times she will help you through.

The good times she will want to share

She loves you and you know she cares.

With you she won’t try to compete

Just help to make your life complete.

Someone to cry with, or share a laugh

Someone to depend on, on your behalf.

She’ll take your kids, treat them like her own

Or visit with you on the telephone.

Sometimes for hours, making small talk

Sharing feelings or taking a walk.

She will share your hurt and your pain

And let your tears flow like rain.

She’ll comfort you and lighten your load

Help you down those rocky roads.

So if you wonder what it’s all about

Just think of me, a friend no doubt!

by Evelyn Mynhier 1989

I am blessed to be your friend!

Comment if you enjoyed this and feel free to share!

Hello World

Good morning, friends! I hope this day finds you filled with joy and contentment! Mine started even before I opened my eyes with Hope kissing me smackdab in the face!

I dragged myself out of bed, opened the back door, and saw the beginning of another glorious day unfolding before my sleep filled eyes!

The temperature isn’t even eighty degrees, (yet), and the birds are singing!

 The cats think they are starving, the birdfeeders need filling, but still, Hope reigns!

It’s another day in the life of, well, me!

 Prayers prayed, coffee in my cup, hubby sleeping soundly, and the tunes of the day surrounds me. The air condtioner is humming, the coffee pot is creaking, the toilet is gurgling, and all is well up here in the trailerhood!

Everything seems to be running at normal capacity! The electric box is spinning happily, and the mail box is filled with people wanting to hear from me!

The garden needs watering, the garbage taken out, and there are dirty dishes from last night’s supper in the sink! 

Sad thing is, I have that virus that is being spread around called housework. Makes me queasy when I think about all the chores I need to do!

Seriously though, it means we have food to eat and water to drink, so I am not complaining! Now, if someone would just bring me chocolate, I would feel better, I am sure!

Before my day gets too busy, I need to search the web for some fun things to do for the Halloween carnival our VFWLA is putting on for the youth in our town.

Anyone have any ideas? I would love your input. As chairman of the committee, I have my work cut out for me, and I could use some suggestions of easy games for all ages! What is your child’s favorite thing to play at a carnival?

It’s time to go refill my coffee cup and get my day started, so I will hush for now and get busy.

Those people wanting to hear from me want money, and I have to go make some dollars to give them!

Have a wonderful day filled with Hope! I know I will, because she is wanting back in, right now! And, yes, I am still waiting on the chocolate!

BTW… Hope is my little Yorkie! 🙂

God bless you all, stay cool, and spread a little Hope today!

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