Life is good in the trailer hood!

Rain Dance, Anyone?



Not only do I hear rain, I can smell it in the air. Come on down you wonderful blessing, we are waiting for you! Oh, the glorious sound of rain drops hitting the rooftop delights my heart!


It’s funny how when you are a child, you sing the little song, “Rain, rain, go away!” 


Now we, in Oklahoma, are singing, “Rain, rain, rain today!”


The sound of thunder is like music to our ears, and the ground is soaking up every little rain drop! It seems strange that something as simple as a rain drop can change your whole attitude.


Back in April, we were praying for the rain to end, as our yard was flooded and my plants were washing out of the ground. I told everyone that it wouldn’t be long, we probably would be praying for rain.


And guess what? We are!


Maybe it is time for a rain dance. I said when it did come, I was going to dance in it, but maybe I should do a rain dance and bring it on?


I guess I’m not much of a rain dancer, because we only received less than a quarter of an inch!


That’s what they do at the Kubinski house when it rains! They dance in it! When we were there this past summer, we did just that!


I should call my granddaughter Ashley and have her dance for me!


Or maybe, we should just call Underwear Boy to the rescue. Looks like he could shake things up a bit! 🙂


Tip of the Day: Move your plants out of the sun to a shady place until the days cool off! They will love you for it!


Laugh of the Day:


 An honest weatherman says, “Today’s forecast is bright and sunny with an 80% chance that I’m wrong.”  (Believed to be public domain!)


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