Life is good in the trailer hood!

Dog Days of Summer

RIP... Peewee, at least you are cool!

Dog days of summer!

Heard it all my life!

Felt it for almost a month now!

So anyone out there have any good ideas as how to make it better?

The thermometer on the Blazer reads 110.

Really, now, how much more can we take?

I tell Tony every summer he can’t gripe about the heat, because he complains all winter about the cold.

Thinking he is probably going to say, “Right back at you!”

‘Cause, people, it is hot here in Oklahoma! I don’t usually perspire, but now, you can just me a sweat hog, because I am drenched in it!

Being from this state, and never living anywhere else, I must say I have never lived through a summer like this.

You most likely are getting tired of hearing about the heat in Oklahoma!

So… just saying, why don’t you visit us soon, and get a first hand feel for yourself! Then you will know why we are pouting.

What do you do when it is 110 outside and even the shade trees are crying?

Please share with us!

Television is getting old, and housework, hello, not happening!

I have a good excuse. It’s just too hot! (Good as any!)

Here’s what people in Oklahoma are saying!

My friend Deidre commented on Facebook about it being so hot the seat belt buckles are carrying their own brands! I totally agree. Want to see a Chevy brand? It’s a Blazer. No pun intended 🙂

Cousin Carlos said, “It’s so hot, even the trees are chasing stray dogs!”

I’m thinking my Morkie, Hope, is scared to go outside, afraid of a tree running her over!

I just keep repeating, “The trees are crying!”

Sad thing is, they are crying alligator tears! Not a drop is falling to the ground!

Fake, just fake!

My niece, Angie, wants to relocate to Colorado! I told her I was stowing away in her luggage. (Watch out niece, Diane, we could be heading your way! We want to be cool!)

Another friend of mine called in to work to ask her boss if she could stay home and play in the rain.

Her boss said yes!

Now, what does that tell you?

Unfortunately we only got a few drops, so she went to work. She did tell her boss if the rain started, she (the boss) would find her (my friend, Jen) in the parking lot, playing!

Okay, enough complaining. I will finish with the words to a song I like from The Band Perrys’  song, “If I Die Young” …

So gather up your tears and keep ’em in your pocket….save them for a time when you’re really gonna need ’em… (like this winter when we can’t stay warm!):)

Today’s Tip:

Take a spray bottle, fill it with water. Spray yourself! Very cooling! Add some cooling fragrance, like mint. Don’t spray in your eyes!

Today’s Humor: (Real story)

When I was a very young teenager, on a very hot day, we sat in church. Of course there was no air conditioning.

The windows of the church were wide open, letting what breeze that would, come in!

I was on one of the back rows with my “teenage” friends. (We thought we were big!)

My two youngest brothers were sitting with my parents way in the front.

Again, let me remind you, the windows were open.

It was getting close to lunchtime. Someone was frying chicken next door.

The church got quiet.

My youngest brother, Steve, stood up and said loudly, (I heard it, so did everyone in the church)…

“Anyone like fried taters, raise your hand!”

As I was sliding under the chair, well, okay,  just wanting to…

my brother, Troy, 14 months older than Steve, stands up on the bench, and screams, “I do, I do!”

(So much for my social life!)

Everyone, have a blessed night, and remember, no complaining. God forgive me. 

Peace and contentment to you all,



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  1. sandra stidman said:

    Evelyn I love this blog you are great: sandra stidman

    • Well, thank you Sandy! I am glad you are reading my blog. I just have to write, and I hope that what ever under the sun comes out, that someone will get a lift or a kick out of it. Please share my blog with your friends!

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