Life is good in the trailer hood!

‎1200 pairs of shoes, come on people. Really?
I got up early so I could go sit out in the yard and have some peace and quiet with my coffee and enjoy my morning before I went to work.
Tony followed me from the bed!
So… I had turned the air conditioner off wrong! (He wouldn’t have done it that way!)
Then I hid his remote!
Okay, he turned the tv off, I was on my computer on Facebook when he went to bed! For those who know me, you know I am not a tv watcher! Why would I hide the remote?
So much for peace and quiet!
I went outside with my coffee, sat down at my table and looked at my pretty flowers that are croaking from the heat!
The cat jumped on me!
The dog jumped on me!
Okay that’s three jumps on me and it wasn’t even 6:20. 
Ready to go back to bed, myself, and I am a morning person! 🙂
But not this morning!
Minutes later Tony comes out and apologizes for being mean to me. (Yeah, he better be glad he did!)
So me, being the forgiving, sweet wife I am, go back inside.
Yeah, really, my coffee cup was empty!
I sat down beside my hubby, and watch the news.
And this is newsworthy? Okay!
Woman has 1200 pairs of shoes. Wow. That’s over three years of shoes if she wears a different pair every day!
Now, me, I can’t even find a decent pair of dress shoes in my closet to wear to church or a funeral. Wonder if she would donate to a worthy cause?
On a different note, why do people think 1200 pairs of shoes are worthy of national news, yet our military men and women who die every day protecting us, never make more than the local news?
Get real, media! What is important to you? And more so, what  do the people of America want to hear?
Not sorry,  but I am passionate when it comes to our military putting their lives on the line, and we get to watch… hello, 1200 pairs of shoes!
Get a life, people. There is more to life than buying shoes!
Don’t get me started! (Tony agrees, wholeheartedly!)
Okay, I am through with that.
Here’s my tip for the day…
Whatever you do, don’t think that you can go do your job unobserved by others. I left home this morning, (no air conditioning in my Blazer) knowing that no one would be there, where I was!
Wrong, again!
My lady had knee surgery and they were home by 10:00 AM.
That’s twice in this month, that has happened. Next time, I will be dressed nicely complete with make up!
Hello, how old are you, Evelyn? You should have known!
‘Til tomorrow, have a blessed day, and keep that sense of humor!

Comments on: "1200 Pairs of Shoes? Really!" (2)

  1. It depends on whats going on in my day what I think is important…talk about me being self centered! TODAY, its hay! This drought is making me stress about having enough hay to feed the ponies. Its nothing in the grand scheme of things, but today its HAY! ;-P LOL Love ya Aunt Ev!

    • I think hay is very important, Angie! Feeding your animals is really a big thing, it’s like feeding your family! I don’t think that is self centered at all. Now having 1200 pairs of shoes, well, that is pretty self centered, wouldn’t you say? Love you, too, Angie!

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