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You Ready For Some Football?

More of God's Artwork!

Summer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner!

In less than one month autumn will be here. Cooler days will arrive, with football games, too. It’s almost time for wiener roasts, s’mores and sweatshirts!

Looking forward to drinking hot chocolate around a bonfire! I enjoy the fellowship with my family and friends, singing songs and just relaxing, while the guys keep the fire burning.

We just are making memories!

Thinking back to my youth, I remember every year going to a wiener roast at my cousins’ home. The young kids from our church would all show up and we would sit around  eating hot dogs and s’mores and sing gospel songs until late in the evening. Those were great times and precious friends!

It’s almost harvest time!

Sadly this year hasn’t been very good for gardens around here, and I am wondering what the harvest will be. Our local farmers’ market hasn’t had much in the way of produce.

The jalapeño jelly I made won’t last very long, I am afraid! There weren’t enough tomatoes for salsa, and I do like my salsa, but I guess I will just have to do with store-bought this year! 😦

What is your favorite harvest preserve? Do you have a great recipe for jellies, jams, preserves, or relishes? If so, please share with us! Share your tips with us, too, please!

I have looked through my books for old recipes of my mom’s, aunts, and grandmas’! I think I will make some old-fashioned chow-chow and bring back a few more memories!

Make sure this year to take the time to enjoy the cool weather and fellowship with your friends. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring!

While you’re at it, you could bring me a jar of that jelly!

Are you ready for some football? And guess what else… it’s only 121 days until Christmas! I know, I didn’t have to say that, did I?


It’s Another Day In This Life!

Spellbound... just one of God's artworks! My friend gave me this rosebush in memory of my mother!

What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, when He takes me by the hand and leads me to the promised land.

Listening to the news, earthquakes in diverse places, hurricanes, war, homosexual marriages, makes me think really hard about my teaching of my youth! I heard about Sodom and Gomorrah , and what God put upon those places. All the teachings I learned makes me so sad for those who haven’t heard the Word of God.

It is so sad that we, as a society take things for granted; the norm, just the way it is.

Well, it isn’t supposed to be that way! I realize what I am writing may make some think I am crazy… but God is the author and finisher of our faith. His word is the truth, and people, we really should take heed and understand that this isn’t a joke passed around Facebook. It is why we are here, the journey we have traveled, the life we have lived.

Where would you be, if He wasn’t here with you? Where would you go, if you didn’t know the Lord? Where would you be? And where are you going when you are through with this life?

For real, where would we be… if we didn’t have the faith to go on day by day? And if we didn’t have a higher power to draw from?

I may lose some friends over this post, but here’s the thing. I would rather have my Jesus and the kingdom of God, than lose a friend who is not a believer.

Every day we are one day closer to the coming of the Lord. Are you ready? I hope I am, and I pray I am worthy of the kingdom of Heaven, even if it is a little travel trailer tucked in the corner of someone else’s estate.

Do you know my Jesus? If not, message me, I will introduce you… it’s who I am, what I am, and where I hope to dwell someday, with Him!

The Flowers In God’s Gardens!

I grew up around flowers, am a grower of flowers, and totally a flower lover. As a youngster, when my mom and her mom walked around my grandma’s yard, I followed closely… probably driving them crazy wanting know the flowers names.

I don’t think there is more beautiful art than a flower. They are full of God’s glory. Each flower is an individual, you won’t find two exactly alike. Anyway, I have never. Each has its own unique petals, fragrance, and beauty. I named my daughter Mirandy after the rose in the above picture!

It’s like people! None of us are the same. Some think they are more normal than others, several are healthier, some are tall and skinny while others carry excess weight. While part of the population think they are smarter than everyone else, maybe some are while others have no self-esteem.

There are meek people, overly outspoken, beautiful, homely, etc. I could go on forever, but I won’t.

My point is it takes all kinds of people to make up this world. Some are beautiful roses, some are dandelions. I love dandelions. I also love sweet violets, red roses, yellow roses, daffodils, and zinnias.  (Okay, for real, I love all flowers.)

My hubby however thinks dandelions are weeds.

In a child’s eyes, a dandelion is as pretty as any flower in God’s great garden.

Today my friend sent me an email. As I read the story entitled The Blue Rose, I thought of all the differences in flowers and people. (Link to this email at the end of this story.)

This started me thinking again. I know… there she goes again!

Several years ago my mom, my sisters and I were in Connecticut. My younger sister Vicki was driving  us around, showing us her part of the country! We were admiring the peak season of the beautiful New England state, and talking about how vibrant the colors were.

One thing led to the another, and soon my older sister Pat asked this question, “If you were a flower, what would you be?”

Vicki said she would be a daffodil, Pat – a red rose, and me… well I have always loved friendship, so I always thought I would be a yellow rose.

When we asked our mother what she would be, she said very meekly and quietly, “Oh, a violet.”

I was thinking… a violet?

That is so small and common, and Mom, you have raised some of the most gorgeous flowers in the US… a violet?

Then she turned to us and grinned!

Breaking into  a beautiful song, she sang, “Sweet violets, sweeter than the roses!”

Oh the memories of sisterhood!  We always knew you were her favorite, Vicki! 🙂

Here’s the link to The Blue Rose. (author unknown)

So what kind of flower are you in God’s garden?

Socialization Rocks… Or What’s Your Story?

Third Grade, 9 years-old ~ What’s Your Story?

Friends, I would like you to tell me… what’s your story? Please comment at the end of the post. Share with me just what it is that you get from this social networking site we use online on our computers?

Playing scrabble with my friend Patty, from childhood, this morning transported me to pondering about life. As I was thinking about my friends, I wondered how different life would be if we didn’t have this tool.

For one thing, communication with so many of your family and friends would be next to impossible. With social networking sites, we are able to stay connected to many lives. In an instant you can pray for someone, rejoice with them, or congratulate a friend! You can send birthday greetings, hear sad news, see milestones happen, and so much more.

Here’s my the beginning of my story. I hope you will share yours.

Rewind: …to my preteens. Living in a rural area, neighbors are not a few feet away. Growing up, we didn’t have close neighbors.

As I recall, one day Dad went to our neighbor’s house for some reason. Don’t remember why. Some of us kids were with him, and when arrived he said we could get out and play.

This little blonde headed girl lived there, and we immediately became friends. Living in another school district, I had never met her. Long story, short! We were childhood friends, who through the years saw each only  occasionally. Through Facebook we have connected with each other and started right back where we stopped.

I love connecting with my family and friends playing scrabble and WWF on Facebook. With chat on the page, you can laugh with each other while you play. Kind of makes you feel like you are there!

Visiting with and getting to know my friend Barb better has been a blessing in my life. We love talking about our grandchildren and have a lot in common. She makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry. I enjoy her friendship!

I admire her for her courage in the battle she has fought to survive cancer. It’s rejoicing to know that my grandchildren have wonderful grandparents to love and care for them.

I can go on and on about the connections I have made, but I would be here all day!

I think we should start a blog roll and share our stories on the blog.

Here’s some people who I connect with.

My children, sisters, sisters-in-laws, nieces, brothers, brothers-in-law,nephews, grandsons and granddaughters, cousins, aunts and uncles. This includes childhood friends from church and school, and people I have met in my life. There are students I have taught, teachers I worked with, my some of my scout troops from many years ago. Many of my friends through life are on here!

It doesn’t take long to scroll down through your news feed and stay in tune with your people’s lives.

This is time I give to my life and living it… me, time! We may not be able to comment on every post, or read every link, but only clicking the like button shows we are alive, well enough to be online, connected, and interested in what the other person is going through in their lives!

That’s the start of my story! What’s your story?

How Was The First Time At School, Moms?

And please, they are fashionistas! They love to dress themselves!

I assume everyone is adjusting nicely to the new first time chapters in your life. My chapter is going through a slump now. My body is dragging.

Probably was that combination pizza I had for lunch and the Key Lime Pie I had for supper. I know, not a good idea, but it was good! 

Thanks Lynne! I agree, it was yummy!  I probably should go eat my meal now. 🙂

I found out today that my grandson is not going to cry on his first day of his second year of school! You, go Coop!

For those of you who are going through this chapter in your life, whether you are mother, a grandmother, or a relative of a small child starting school the first time, it can get hectic.

Here are ten of the things I have learned in my big fat funny story!

  1. It’s harder on the moms and grandmas than the child, usually whether the first time or the second year!
  2. We  have to learn to let go, and let them soar with the eagles, or at least with the kids in the classroom!
  3. Note to self: Refrigerator magnets.Their artwork needs displayed proudly.
  4. Don’t do it for them, do it with them. Teach them.
  5. Treasure the days amidst all the chaos!
  6. Encourage your child  to do his/her possible best. One day we could be looking at the next minister of God, Mozart, Erma Bombeck, a famous singer, or even the president!
  7. When your five-year old draws a picture of you, then jerks it back because it isn’t quite finished, don’t get mad! Smile brightly when she tells you she forgot to draw those squiggly lines on you that make you look old and tell her how pretty it is!
  8. Don’t get frustrated when your child forgets his backpack, his lunch, or whatever! It’s all a learning process, and it takes time.
  9. Hey, Mom, tomorrow is my day to bring snacks! (For when the times comes, and assuredly  it will,) keep a box of snacks hidden for reserve!
  10. Get a big calendar with lots of space to write. You are going to need it!

This chapter is a great blessing in your life, watching your children become who they will be. Be encouraging and make it fun for them to learn! Don’t let it become a drudgery in your life, because you have too many other important things to do!

It’s your life, live it as calmly as you can! You are raising someone special… your child and a child of God’s.

I found through my life, when a child sees their painting or drawing on the fridge, they will draw  you another. Soon you will need a file folder or big zip lock bag to store your prized collection. (One day it will be theirs and it is important to them!)

Helping them through the hard times, rejoicing in the good days, praising their earnest achievements they accomplish, these are all the pages in your own personal book. It’s who you are, and who you will help your child to become.

As for the squiggly lines, well she did draw me!

Mark my words, one night, while tucking your child in bed you will hear, “Oh, Mom, I forgot. I have to bring snacks tomorrow!”   (Calendar) Be prepared, always have something suitable on hand that you can pop in your child’s backpack for snack day or some cash hidden for the school book fair!

Get a big calendar, and put it in a place where you will see it. It’s a great way to stay on schedule, teach your child the days and numbers, and keep you sane! For your older children have them write their projects on the calendar’s date. Make it a daily habit to discuss what is in that backpack, record important dates on the calendar, and plan with your children.

Don’t do this for them, do it with them. Makes for some quality time while teaching children very important organizational skills! It also will make your life easier!

Being organized is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Then on those days that you really need chocolate, it isn’t because you’re stressed out over not being at your child’s program!

Get involved with your child’s school. Volunteer! For volunteer programs, check out! I love it for organizing committees. And it’s free!

There is a premium package that does even tshirt sales. For classrooms, the free one is excellent! Even if you don’t use it, you might share this page with someone who could!

Enjoy this chapter of your life, take it slow and easy. Cherish the moments and treasure your family! Teach them well!

And if you want to talk organizing, well, throw out the comments, tips, and hints! We all might learn a thing or two to help in our own lives first times, but do it here and not Facebook, please!

First Times… A New Chapter In Life

This is one of our first times... when my son started school!

The first time my daughter Mirandy started preschool is one tearful day I will never forget. Fast forward a generation.

When her daughter started kindergarten, I was with her, too. Mirandy was an emotional wreck all day. When my granddaughter graduated from kindergarten, my daughter shed tears. (But then so did I!)

Last year I spent the first morning of two of my grandchildren’s school year with them. My grandson was starting pre-k for the first time, and my daughter Mirandy couldn’t quit crying.

I am often telling her the nut doesn’t fall to far from the tree! Then I remembered her first day at preschool!

Oh, how she cried! She wanted her mommy, but her mommy had to work. Hanging on to my skirt tail dragging behind me, was one unhappy little girl! I cried all day while trying to sell clothing at the department store where I worked. She was fine within five minutes of me leaving.

Today, my niece Angie is starting a new chapter in her life with her first baby girl. She started preschool for the first time. I think it was worse on Grannie than it was Mommy! And I think my great-niece was pretty excited today! I told Angie she came about it honestly, and if she didn’t have those feelings she wouldn’t be who she is… a caring Mother!
My friend Jennie’s new chapter is her son’s last year of school, her daughter’s first year of high school, and her little one goes to head start. She doesn’t know which one makes her sadder!

Then there is Niki, my cousin who I have been close to since she was born! Her son started preschool, too, for the first time. He informed her the night before at the dinner table, “I am walking into school by myself!” She feels numb.

My friend KML was taking her infant grandson for a walk. As she watched the little ones board the bus, she felt emotional. Excited moms were snapping pictures, instructions given about which bus to ride home.

Her little one was sleeping in the stroller with not a care in the world. As she gazed on him, her thoughts went back to another day. It seemed like only yesterday she was one of those excited moms!

For my cousin Jannie it is “Moving Day!” Her son is off to college. She has mixed emotions. She is happy  for him on this new journey, but she is sad at the same time.

When my son started school for the first time, I was sad all day, but he was ready for school and loved it. It was hard to send my firstborn out in the world.

My feelings were exactly the same the day Russ started college out-of-state and a new chapter unfolded! I remember how sad I was that he was moving out-of-state, but happy for his good fortune. Today he has a son and daughter in high school and the youngest son in elementary.

It is all mixed blessings. With new chapters in your life, sometimes there is sadness, emotions, tears, and well, just living. We want to hang on to the babies that we have nurtured and loved. We don’t want them growing up and having to face the real world.

But one day we all come full circle and treasure each of those special moments! We all live it, we all have our book of life to fill! We’re all going to go through transitions and emotional roller coaster rides so… I say, embrace life, and do live like you are dying!

My latest chapter is “Great Grandparents, Again?” I am glad I am not still raising grands!

But on those sad occasions when you are having a bad day, just remember chocolate is a whole other food group! 🙂

How did you feel when the first time  your new chapter started?

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren!

Grandparents are raising grandkids by the millions!

In 2007 there were  6.2 million grandparents raising grandchildren up to age 18 in the US, alone. Now, that’s a staggering number, people!

Here is the first step in getting these facts for your state. Click the link. <>
Source: 2007 American Community Survey

Being from Oklahoma and have participated in this very thing, I sympathise with all grandparents who have given of their own lives to help a child in need. That includes adoptive parents, who adopt in later years and are old enough to be a grandparent.

There are always good times, and bad times, and many times there are blessings for both, grandparents and grandchild.

In Oklahoma programs and services are available to these grandparents.

Many caretakers in this group do not have the resources or a computer to know how to find their way around the internet or know where to look once they are there.

Many are unaware of these services.

For my friends and family in Oklahoma, click the following link:

With the amount of baby boomers turning sixty and many more following soon, the Oklahoma State Plan on Aging is something we all have to think about sooner or later. Everyone knows someone who falls into this category and one day may need to use this plan.

It’s an interesting read. I learned a thing or two!

And back to grands raising grands, I have been there.

Done that!

Eight years of it, and let me tell you, it’s not easy!

It’s not important so much as to why the reason… this happens. All cases have diverse and various situations that come with the personal family. Every person has their own stories to tell.

Mine is just as different as everyone elses, although it all comes back to it… it’s a hard fact of life.

How do to deal with the problems that arise, when you  are dog tired, cried out, wrung out, and strung out to dry…


One problem with me was with the feelings of the children. They were confused and sad for not having their parents around; all the unsettling emotions that affect these situations of separation.

How would you deal with this, if it were you?

Would you be up to taking on this overwhelming task?  (Although it does have its rewards!)  🙂

So many people are facing this today, right this minute, as I type and as you read this.

If you know someone, who can benefit from this information, please share this blog with them. If you are in this situation, check this information out. You probably will find the help you are looking for!

Pass it on, someone somewhere is looking for this help! It’s just the right thing to do. Helping others along the way, that’s what it’s all about!

There is a lot of support for grandparents raising grandchildren, and aging; help yourself to some.

Would You Teach This?

Posts are going around Facebook about teachers, the new school year, and bullying. Started me pondering again about the school systems, taking prayer out of schools, the sacrifices our educators are making, and much more.

In years past I, too, worked with children in teaching and leading various scouting programs.  A substitute teacher and a teacher’s aide for the surrounding area where I resided,  I remember how hard it was!

It is a wonderful blessing when the day is productive, and the class learns the lessons taught. I felt great joy when a slow learning child finally “got” it!

I also remember the bullying, the unruly children, the disheartening feelings I felt after a hard day of these situations.

Just a thought, parents, remember when… you were a child growing up and your parents sided with the teacher? Remember when… most of the time they were right?

Did you ever make a trip to the principal’s office, shaking in your boots?

Remember when you didn’t get taught because some unruly child misbehaved? Those are the times you didn’t get to learn anything. A day wasted, just like in your child’s life.

Today, more and more teachers are dipping into their own pockets to teach your children. (I know this because I have many teacher friends and I did, too!)

Have you ever offered to volunteer to help your child’s teacher? Bring a snack, a box of kleenex?

I just would like to say (for the good of all)… get involved! Help a teacher out, there are so many avenues in wich you can do this!

From reading to a class, or helping organize a file cabinet, a teacher will appreciate your help. Contact your child’s school to see where you can help.

Remember, we are all in this together, whether a teacher, a pupil, or a parent wanting a child to get the best education.

The first lessons are the ones taught at home. Teach a child respect, and more than likely that child will show respect. Teach them the value of an education, and they will get one. Teach them kindness, they will show kindness. Caring, well, same thing, so let’s educate all of our children, and let’s all make our future nation a better place for it.

What are your aspirations for your child… for your nieces, nephews, and grandchildren (if it applies)?

Let’s not forget teachers aren’t babysitters, and while they do get paid… would you take on their job?

Would you spend all that time to go to college to learn to teach, then get the salary they do to spend a lot of your day trying to get control over unruly children, so you can do your job?

Our nation depends on our parents to help out our teachers, because our government taxes surely aren’t doing it!

And no, teachers don’t make that much money. Check it out! Oklahoma ranks one of the lowest, at $33,277 yearly. Divide that into twelve months, because they don’t get paid for the break your children get in the summer.

Take into consideration how much they have to pay for college, and how many years of schooling it takes to land this job… to teach your precious children. Have compassion and be there for your children’s teachers!

It does take a village to raise a child… starting with the parents and teachers.

Trust me, they aren’t in it for the money. If they were, no children would learn anything.

Could you handle that many kids all day long without having moments of impatience? Do you spend a whole day without feeling aggravated at something one of your own did? Have you ever had to reprimand them?

In your opinion, what can a parent do to help educate our nation’s children? What can you do?

Stand up for a teacher today!

Teach your children about bullying others, and what to do if you see another student bullying. Encourage them to make friends, and not with just the best dressed, most popular one. That child could end up being the best friend your child will ever have.

Just my lowly opinion… from Mrs. M. to all my previous students who read this. And to you and everyone else, let’s bring our school systems back to what they were!

Starting with, let’s demand prayer be put back in the school systems, and give control back to who it rightly belongs to… the educators. If they aren’t in control, they can’t teach! (And isn’t that why we send our children to school?)

Of my horse, now!

Kudos to all teachers!

God bless you all! Evie!

Life Is Full Of Joy!

...and full of glory!

Joy is a word we use to describe our happiness as we go through our daily walk of life. Some have more than others. People who suffer from depression or other emotional strife find it hard to get this feeling in their hearts.

There are times some of us can’t seem to find joy in anything. Our lives get overwhelmed by our needs; family, financial, and emotional. Our health may affect our mood. One day we are upbeat, the next, we want to just pull the covers back over us and sleep the day away, forgetting our problems.
We can’t find anything happy to talk about, and seem to only find things to complain about.
Merriam Webster defines joy as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. (and more)
Joy abounds in a lot of different areas of our life. It could be that new car we have eyed for months, finally  parked in the garage or that newly acquired piece of jewelry. Maybe you got a promotion at work, or landed a new job.
These things bring happiness to a point.  Sometimes after the new wears off, these material things don’t really matter so much. Many times we strive to find more happiness by acquiring more stuff. Soon we have an overflowing home and garage full of things.
If there was a major disaster, these items could “poof” be gone.
If our loved ones bring us joy, even after they are gone, we still have the wonderful memories of laughter we shared in our lives. Those joys are never-ending.
And yes, material things do bring us joy, to a point. An email brought me joy last week, and an electric stove that I desperately needed brought me much delight!
Yesterday I found it in getting our  water well repaired, because now I have plenty of water! I can give my plants a drink and do those dirty dishes that always seem to pile up in the kitchen sink. (Again, dirty dishes are a joyful blessing, means we have food to eat!)
This morning it was the many various birds at the bird feeders and the squirrels’ silly antics; then a relaxing phone call from my good friend glorifying God!
My latest joy was hearing my phone ring, and my daughter being on the other end of the line… just to chat!
Tomorrow, well, I am anticipating whatever life’s delightful surprises will bring! All of God’s blessings bring us joy!
Right now, I am going to find some making a batch of cupcakes! Want one? I will share!
Just what brings you joy? Tell us!
Don’t forget to share some joy with someone else. It may be the only happiness in that person’s day!
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. John 16:24 (Blue Letter Bible)

Charity And Love, What It Really Means!

Fruit of the spirit, yeah, that's love!

Just what does love mean to you? Is it only your family and your friends that you care about? Or do you love all the people in the world? I love my God, I love Jesus! I love my children, my grandchildren, my family! I love my friends and my pets! But do I love my neighbor?

One of God‘s commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself!

Do you really know your neighbor? Can you really love that person if you don’t? And then, that being said, who is your neighbor?

Many people think they know just what is right, and judge others for their (in our minds) wrongdoings. Often we think we are the ones that know best, and we put others behind our opinions. Do we stand in judgement for this?

Sometimes people do things that really tick us off, make us angry! We have a tendency to not like some people, and really think others are special. It could be we don’t like the way someone dresses, their form of self-expression, or their shortcomings that make us feel this way.

Taught all through all my life to love the sinner, hate the sin; sometimes, it is hard to see past what you think others are doing wrong, and not love them for those particular reasons. As I have said before, He is still working on me, and will be until the day I die.

At times people are just a thorn in your side. Ever have one of those? Someone that just really irritates you, one that you just don’t get? Unfortunately, I do. But I try to see past all that, and I am sure some people feel the same way about me.

It could be the teenager at the grocery store with the cell phone in her ear or the foreigner at phone company that really gets to you and makes you not feel very lovable at that minute and want to just hang up on them.

Love is the most beautiful word in the English language, don’t you think? It compasses all the good about everything, none of the negative. It is the feeling of joy, hope, compassion, and peace. We never feel anything better. No money can buy it, no possessions can own it. Love is happiness, security, and contentment. So why is it sometimes we don’t feel love?

Is it knowing that God loves us, and has sacrificed His own for us?

Do we have that love in our hearts? Love is charity! Not the kind you write off on your taxes; but true charity, giving of yourself, and not expecting something in return. You have to give love to receive love! That simple.

So… what do you think?

When writing this blog, I am not writing at you, but to you. Therefore, I would appreciate your comments to let me know how you feel. All response on these topics can only broaden our views, our thinking, and our outlook on life. I need your advice. What do you do when someone is a thorn in your side, and you don’t understand?

Have a blessed day! Evie

The word “love” occurs 311 times in 281 verses in the KJV of the Bible. According to the dictionary in the BLB, Christian love is the fruit of His Spirit in the Christian. Gal 5:22. See below.

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Gal 5:22-23

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