Life is good in the trailer hood!

Reality Check!

Is This A Dream Or Reality?


Okay, here’s how my day went!

I fought the devil. I won.

He put up a big fight, but I finally got my satchel back from him.  I needed those snacks, and my laptop was in the bag. That demon was ugly, but I was tougher.

Almost fell from a tall building after going to a public restroom at a lake area. Why do they put restrooms on the second level of a building with outside exits? Just asking!

Tried to catch a big tree from falling on some people while I was trying to get down the primitive ramp from the restroom.

I arranged for a famous singer to sing to this woman, because she missed his concert before.

I told her I couldn’t hold on to that tree any longer, she and her friend fell off the platform to the ground. Although they weren’t hurt; and they thanked me for making her dream a reality.

Ticked off my neighbor because I didn’t want her and her four kids to hang at my house. My kids are in Louisiana, and it’s summer time and I had planned to take my Christmas tree down. I knew she just wanted me to babysit while she watched a movie.

Got puked on by one of those twin babies I didn’t want to watch, but their mom left them with me anyway.

Argued with my hubby because I told him we didn’t need the dog that my friend got at the bar the night before. I know… they were giving away stray poodles, and it only needed a flea bath and fluffed up. We almost separated over this.

I told my friend to take it to the farmer’s market and give the dog away. I can’t figure out why she was in a bar anyway; she told me she was going home and baking banana bread all night.

Ran into high water on every road we drove. It seemed every road wound up in the lake. Picked up something off the road, I think it is a clothing rack of some sort.

Tried to tell my sister in law’s daughter have a safe trip to Texas. Couldn’t get the words out. Not a squeak. She didn’t even say goodbye to me, either. Actually, I don’t even think she saw me.

The highway patrol was chasing us because they thought we were drinking. We weren’t drinking. We parked in a convenient store parking lot. They drove right by us. We decided to take the long way to Tulsa, anyway. I was with my friend, she is dead now.

Stayed at a motel. Brought way too many clothes for the day. Got rained on three times because the skylight was wide open.They are soaking wet.

Told my friend I was going to use what he said in my blog. His words were (while on the phone with the city office), “My wife is a pessimist, and she got peeved, so I sent her to school!”

Was at the lake again, trying to find the pickup so I could put our bed covers in it. Don’t know where my hubby was, but some weird dude was trying to get me to look at something on the water, and wouldn’t let me put my stuff in my pickup until I looked at this bird he was trying to showing me.

Wanted a drink of water, the glass was dirty. It had been for days. This guy was trying to wash the glass for me. It was only dirty on the outside. I didn’t care, I needed a drink!

I realized my two-year old niece knows what beer is. She told me.

Someone died in my arms. She was a blonde haired teenage girl. She suffered from a heat stroke.

Used my friends makeup to cover a spot on my jeans. It was a glittering mineral powder.

Attended church.

Purchased lacy red and white socks for my two granddaughters, who are now 17 and 19.

Bought both girls toothbrushes, pink and green, and decided while I was at it to pick up a maroon one for me.

Wow, what a day, and those were just the highlights!

Oh wait, those were my dreams last night!

Anyone care to interpret?

Dream or reality, is it all related?


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