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What Inspires You?

I often think about inspiration and find it in a lot of different ways.

This little dude is persistent… now that is inspiring! Hanging upside down to eat a sunflower seed, well… maybe if it was chocolate!

A post or a picture on Facebook or Pinterest  inspires me to be a better person, no matter how or where it touches my life.

In this picture, it’s nature… beautiful, peaceful, precious.

My Mirandy fought cancer and won! You inspire us all, Hoot!

This is one of our first times… when my son started school!

They are both grown with children of their own, but oh, how they inspire me. Period!  You don’t have the time for me to tell you all the ways, but just know… they do!

Check out my Pinterest boards for inspiring words! Maybe something will light your fire!

Scriptural and Spiritual Loves

I appreciate all you reading what I write. I think about… back in time, and connections I have made through my life! And having been online friends, I thank you for being in my life.

Thanks for the inspiration and the joy! 

More on that later!

What inspires you? Please tell us!

Have an inspirational day!

God bless you!

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