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Entering The Christmas Zone!

It’s that time again!

Believe in the Spirit of Christmas Printable

Gearing up for Christmas!


Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday have all passed without further ado! Now is the time to think about the reason for the season.


Brrr, baby it’s cold out there!¬† I need hot chocolate. (I love hot chocolate!)

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a¬† quick¬† holiday idea for making gifts teachers, friends, etc. My kids love¬† this hot chocolate mix.¬† Adapted and tweaked from Grandma Dot’s recipe to…

Evie’s¬† Hot Chocolate Mix!

1 Р8  ounce jar cocoa powder

1 Р8 quart package  non fat dry milk (about 10 cups)

1 -16 ounce package sifted powdered sugar (about 3 -3/4 cups)

1 -10 ounce jar powdered non dairy creamer

Optional * pinch of cinnamon and whipped cream or marshmallows. I like to add a peppermint stick to my gifts!

My grandson, Justin doesn’t like cinnamon so I just add it to my cup!

~ In large bowl mix all ingredients except optional items. Store in airtight container. For one serving add about one fourth cup hot chocolate mix to one cup boiled water. Let cool before drinking!

Last year for teachers and friends, the grand kids and I did Rudolph Hot Chocolate Treats .

For over a year I have pinned these holiday ideas, and here’s the mother load! I thought maybe you would like to check out my Pinterest board full of Christmas ideas.

Many are do-it-yourself, easy decorations, crafts, and ornaments that will make your holiday brighter.

Enjoy and don’t forget to follow Evie’s Gardens here and on Facebook!

Thanks ~ Evie

Inspired Again!

Every day something inspires me to do better. Pinterest boards inspire me to do so much more… I love the hints, tips, and recipes!

Hot chocolate, anyone?

Last year while living and spending time with two of my favorite kids, we  looked on Pinterest to make Christmas presents for their teachers. We decided  to make our own Rudolphs!  After seeing  hot chocolate gifts, we started with a basic hot chocolate mix and did our thing.  This is the end result! We had fun making all them all.

You can use store-bought mix, or just comment and let me know, I will send you a link to the recipe that I have tweaked and used for years. It’s G’ma Dot’s!

Check it out… there are lots of inspiring links on my Pinterest boards. People inspire me to do crafty things around this homestead!

My friend and auxiliary sister turned eighteen recently. She inspires me!

Always amazes me to see a lady (Yes, you are a lady!) at this age, knowing what she wants from her life, and making to effort to do the best she can.

I get inspiration from those who supports our military at this young age and doing good for others,  when most are concentrating on the fun side of life.

The auxiliary I belong to… you inspire me, sisters!

Thank you for your service and your friendship!  I hope what we do helps someone along the way!

If you would be interested in joining the cause, check out

Will you be my inspiration tomorrow? Looking forward to finding out.

My sister-in-law inspires me. Happy birthday, Evelyn Kay Thompson. Sharing her world tomorrow, maybe. ūüôā

Have a fruit filled day! ~ Evie

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

You don't know what is lurking out there! Our grandson cut his foot right here!

A friend of ours is in a medically induced coma from diving from a boat in Lake Eufaula. He is in his mid twenties.

This morning, the news reported a man drowned in the same lake, jumping off the cliffs just a few miles from us.

 Several years ago, my niece broke her back from cliff jumping in Connecticut! 

We hear of these happenings so often on the news, yet people don’t consider what is¬†not seen. None would have done that, if they had known what was lurking beneath the surface.

This weekend as we were checking our lines for fish, one of them was tangled so badly, it took several tries to finally get untangled. The culprit was a tree in the middle of the lake!

As we watched the depth finder on the pontoon, out in the middle of the body of water, it registered three feet. Who knew?

People think they know what is beyond the depths of the water,¬†around the corner,¬†under the woodpile, in someone else’s mind!

Sadly, we don’t, and really need to be careful to check things out before blindly¬†jumping into any situation; injuring ourselves, ruining,¬†or ending our life!

On a lighter note, even though our fishing expedition wasn’t that successful as far as bringing in the “big” one, it was a great weekend with friends on the water. My friend Beth and I both agree, it’s a good thing we aren’t professional fishermen. We would starve!

With the late night and early morning routine of checking the lines, I was so brain-dead today, I had to take a nap. I think this is telling my age,  or maybe it was just a chocolate overdose!

Fortunately there were previously caught crappie and catfish in the freezer to feed the crew. Add to that, some wonderful spaghetti salad, American cheese, marinated mushrooms, pea salad,  fresh salad, and yummy sweet tea!

¬†We were stuffed, contented and relaxed…¬†and exhausted from the rough water!

I thought¬†we needed chocolate.¬†I didn’t¬†realize Beth was thinking the same thing! When I walked in her door, she laughed and exclaimed,¬†“I thought we needed chocolate!” ¬†

Ooh, No-Bake Cookies!

“I was thinking the same thing,¬†Beth! Where can I put these chocolate covered strawberries?” ¬†

To me, it doesn’t get any better than this mouth-watering end to an excellent meal. Besides,¬†strawberries are a good buy now, and ooh, so¬†sweet!

Want to make some?¬†¬†Here’s how¬†I do it! It’s so sweet and easy!


Grab strawberries from fridge, wash and remove stems. 

¬†In a glass bowl, melt about a half of package of milk chocolate-chips in the microwave. ( 30 seconds, stir… 30 seconds stir! )

 Dip those strawberries, swirl them, and set them on a tray.

Put in freezer (or refrigerator) to harden the chocolate. 

After chocolate sets, put in deviled egg container, replace lid, and store in fridge until time to eat.

  • ¬†Use any kind of flat tray, cutting board, etc., to harden the chocolate.¬† Some people don’t remove stems, but I do. (It’s a matter of preference.)
  • Deviled egg containers are wonderful for stabilizing strawberries if you are traveling with them. They stack great for when you need more than one tray.
  • Be prepared to go… UMM!

Starting now, I am going to add a little humor at the end of my posts. Here is one of the things today that made me laugh out loud!

My friend posted this on Facebook today.

I didn’t lose my mind.. I ran away from it… and if you see it.. please don’t tell it where I am!¬†ūüėČ

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