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Would You Teach This?

Posts are going around Facebook about teachers, the new school year, and bullying. Started me pondering again about the school systems, taking prayer out of schools, the sacrifices our educators are making, and much more.

In years past I, too, worked with children in teaching and leading various scouting programs.  A substitute teacher and a teacher’s aide for the surrounding area where I resided,  I remember how hard it was!

It is a wonderful blessing when the day is productive, and the class learns the lessons taught. I felt great joy when a slow learning child finally “got” it!

I also remember the bullying, the unruly children, the disheartening feelings I felt after a hard day of these situations.

Just a thought, parents, remember when… you were a child growing up and your parents sided with the teacher? Remember when… most of the time they were right?

Did you ever make a trip to the principal’s office, shaking in your boots?

Remember when you didn’t get taught because some unruly child misbehaved? Those are the times you didn’t get to learn anything. A day wasted, just like in your child’s life.

Today, more and more teachers are dipping into their own pockets to teach your children. (I know this because I have many teacher friends and I did, too!)

Have you ever offered to volunteer to help your child’s teacher? Bring a snack, a box of kleenex?

I just would like to say (for the good of all)… get involved! Help a teacher out, there are so many avenues in wich you can do this!

From reading to a class, or helping organize a file cabinet, a teacher will appreciate your help. Contact your child’s school to see where you can help.

Remember, we are all in this together, whether a teacher, a pupil, or a parent wanting a child to get the best education.

The first lessons are the ones taught at home. Teach a child respect, and more than likely that child will show respect. Teach them the value of an education, and they will get one. Teach them kindness, they will show kindness. Caring, well, same thing, so let’s educate all of our children, and let’s all make our future nation a better place for it.

What are your aspirations for your child… for your nieces, nephews, and grandchildren (if it applies)?

Let’s not forget teachers aren’t babysitters, and while they do get paid… would you take on their job?

Would you spend all that time to go to college to learn to teach, then get the salary they do to spend a lot of your day trying to get control over unruly children, so you can do your job?

Our nation depends on our parents to help out our teachers, because our government taxes surely aren’t doing it!

And no, teachers don’t make that much money. Check it out! Oklahoma ranks one of the lowest, at $33,277 yearly. Divide that into twelve months, because they don’t get paid for the break your children get in the summer.

Take into consideration how much they have to pay for college, and how many years of schooling it takes to land this job… to teach your precious children. Have compassion and be there for your children’s teachers!

It does take a village to raise a child… starting with the parents and teachers.

Trust me, they aren’t in it for the money. If they were, no children would learn anything.

Could you handle that many kids all day long without having moments of impatience? Do you spend a whole day without feeling aggravated at something one of your own did? Have you ever had to reprimand them?

In your opinion, what can a parent do to help educate our nation’s children? What can you do?

Stand up for a teacher today!

Teach your children about bullying others, and what to do if you see another student bullying. Encourage them to make friends, and not with just the best dressed, most popular one. That child could end up being the best friend your child will ever have.

Just my lowly opinion… from Mrs. M. to all my previous students who read this. And to you and everyone else, let’s bring our school systems back to what they were!

Starting with, let’s demand prayer be put back in the school systems, and give control back to who it rightly belongs to… the educators. If they aren’t in control, they can’t teach! (And isn’t that why we send our children to school?)

Of my horse, now!

Kudos to all teachers!

God bless you all! Evie!

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