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Hi, It’s Just Me!

For those of you on Pinterest… just thought I would introduce myself and share a  few flowers in Evie’s Gardens! For those of you who read my blog… I  am back!

If you follow me on Pinterest, and wonder who I am and why I pin such diverse objects, let me introduce myself.  I’m Evelyn aka Evie. Passionate about life in general, I wear many hats. A gardener and crafter at heart, I incorporate both.

My yard and greenhouse are usually full of handmade, recycled, DIY objects. My many family members and my friends are the perks in my life. I enjoy making peanut butter sandwiches… aka… random acts of kindness.

I started this blog last year, then my computer crashed. My daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma and my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer. So… the blog was put on hold.

Unfortunately all of my Evie’s Gardens files were lost when my computer crashed. So I must start over. 😦

Computer is fixed. Life goes on. (Still haven’t retrieved all my files, but we are working on that.)

My news years resolution was to embrace the life God has given me, to live it, love it, and laugh and enjoy it and definitely be thankful for it!

No worrying about what ifs, no dwelling on why I didn’t. To do what I am led, no questions asked!

This is  my granddaughter Ashley. I have challenged her to eat healthier.

We’re working on this! Click on the picture and see what Doctor Oz says about healthy foods!


We are making healthy choices this year!

When cancer strikes your family you question your mortality. We have a challenge to eat healthier! We are doing this daily in the choices we make!

Oh, to have the energy this little guy has!

Let's get healthy!

If my grandson Cooper can hoola hoop, I can, too!

My daughter Mirandy received the results for her pet scan. Halfway through chemo, the cancer has shrunk in half! Yeah, I’m praising the Lord!

Team Mandy

 This is my daughter Mirandy (front row – center), her family, my son and his family, and me!

This guy on the right is my husband. At this time I am staying with my daughter in IL while he remains at home in OK.

We are just a small part of Team Mandy. There are so many who support her through this battle in her life. We had t-shirts made as a gesture to show her we care, and they are proudly worn in Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas! Go Team Mandy!

Even though we are having some bumps in the road, life is not going to get us down! We are fighting like a hoot! (Mirandy, aka, Mandy’s nickname)

I Pinned This!

I tried out the aluminum foil ball for the dryer that is supposed to get rid of static electricity. It didn’t. If anyone else tried it and it worked, tell me what you did right and what I didn’t!

If you would like to follow me as I go through my life in Evie’s Gardens… jump on board.

I’m you will find something that interest you, whether it is gardening, spiritual, crafts, food, DIY, kids fun, or just some good humorous fun! Please get involved!

Glad you dropped by.

Today I just wanted to introduce myself.

Hope your day is blessed beyond belief! ~Evie

In remembrance of  MLK… “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”~Martin Luther King

Life Is What It Is!

It’s been a while since I have written on this blog… lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote. First of all, my computer crashed and I had only my phone to communicate with on the internet. I am back now, though!

Another thing that has happened… my daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma, so I have made the trip from Oklahoma to Illinois to help her through her chemo and help with my grandchildren.

Staying in the city is a change from living in the country!  The city noises are strange compared to the quietness of our rural home, and it’s not easy sleeping with the different noises.

Ashley, Cooper, and I put up the Christmas tree last week, and together we decorated it. We also have crafted some nice decorations, too.

My daughter Mirandy and I thought it would be a wonderful thing if we did Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) this holiday season with Ashley (9)  and Cooper (4), to give them something positive to think about. We wrote twenty-four kindnesses on a sheet of paper, one for every day until Christmas.

Ashley rewrote them on gift size cards I had previously cut from construction paper. She decorated the fronts of the cards with stencils and colored pens, enjoying every minute of it!

When we awake in the mornings, we take turns drawing out of the big holiday bowl, which holds the cards for our kindness of the day! RACK has been a big conversational topic in this house, and my grand children are feeling good about doing these little things for others.

I didn’t realize just how much Cooper thought about these acts until Saturday evening while he and Ashley were in the bedroom watching a movie. Paul, Mandy, and I were in the living room getting ready to watch bedlam, (OSU vs OU).

All of a sudden Cooper comes running into the living room crying, “Grandma, Ashley is in here doing random acts of meanness!”

I nearly fell to the floor laughing! Well, he’s been told to use his words! 🙂

Have a great day, God bless you, and don’t forget RACK!

Catch you later, Evie! ❤

The Flowers In God’s Gardens!

I grew up around flowers, am a grower of flowers, and totally a flower lover. As a youngster, when my mom and her mom walked around my grandma’s yard, I followed closely… probably driving them crazy wanting know the flowers names.

I don’t think there is more beautiful art than a flower. They are full of God’s glory. Each flower is an individual, you won’t find two exactly alike. Anyway, I have never. Each has its own unique petals, fragrance, and beauty. I named my daughter Mirandy after the rose in the above picture!

It’s like people! None of us are the same. Some think they are more normal than others, several are healthier, some are tall and skinny while others carry excess weight. While part of the population think they are smarter than everyone else, maybe some are while others have no self-esteem.

There are meek people, overly outspoken, beautiful, homely, etc. I could go on forever, but I won’t.

My point is it takes all kinds of people to make up this world. Some are beautiful roses, some are dandelions. I love dandelions. I also love sweet violets, red roses, yellow roses, daffodils, and zinnias.  (Okay, for real, I love all flowers.)

My hubby however thinks dandelions are weeds.

In a child’s eyes, a dandelion is as pretty as any flower in God’s great garden.

Today my friend sent me an email. As I read the story entitled The Blue Rose, I thought of all the differences in flowers and people. (Link to this email at the end of this story.)

This started me thinking again. I know… there she goes again!

Several years ago my mom, my sisters and I were in Connecticut. My younger sister Vicki was driving  us around, showing us her part of the country! We were admiring the peak season of the beautiful New England state, and talking about how vibrant the colors were.

One thing led to the another, and soon my older sister Pat asked this question, “If you were a flower, what would you be?”

Vicki said she would be a daffodil, Pat – a red rose, and me… well I have always loved friendship, so I always thought I would be a yellow rose.

When we asked our mother what she would be, she said very meekly and quietly, “Oh, a violet.”

I was thinking… a violet?

That is so small and common, and Mom, you have raised some of the most gorgeous flowers in the US… a violet?

Then she turned to us and grinned!

Breaking into  a beautiful song, she sang, “Sweet violets, sweeter than the roses!”

Oh the memories of sisterhood!  We always knew you were her favorite, Vicki! 🙂

Here’s the link to The Blue Rose. (author unknown)

So what kind of flower are you in God’s garden?

Socialization Rocks… Or What’s Your Story?

Third Grade, 9 years-old ~ What’s Your Story?

Friends, I would like you to tell me… what’s your story? Please comment at the end of the post. Share with me just what it is that you get from this social networking site we use online on our computers?

Playing scrabble with my friend Patty, from childhood, this morning transported me to pondering about life. As I was thinking about my friends, I wondered how different life would be if we didn’t have this tool.

For one thing, communication with so many of your family and friends would be next to impossible. With social networking sites, we are able to stay connected to many lives. In an instant you can pray for someone, rejoice with them, or congratulate a friend! You can send birthday greetings, hear sad news, see milestones happen, and so much more.

Here’s my the beginning of my story. I hope you will share yours.

Rewind: …to my preteens. Living in a rural area, neighbors are not a few feet away. Growing up, we didn’t have close neighbors.

As I recall, one day Dad went to our neighbor’s house for some reason. Don’t remember why. Some of us kids were with him, and when arrived he said we could get out and play.

This little blonde headed girl lived there, and we immediately became friends. Living in another school district, I had never met her. Long story, short! We were childhood friends, who through the years saw each only  occasionally. Through Facebook we have connected with each other and started right back where we stopped.

I love connecting with my family and friends playing scrabble and WWF on Facebook. With chat on the page, you can laugh with each other while you play. Kind of makes you feel like you are there!

Visiting with and getting to know my friend Barb better has been a blessing in my life. We love talking about our grandchildren and have a lot in common. She makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry. I enjoy her friendship!

I admire her for her courage in the battle she has fought to survive cancer. It’s rejoicing to know that my grandchildren have wonderful grandparents to love and care for them.

I can go on and on about the connections I have made, but I would be here all day!

I think we should start a blog roll and share our stories on the blog.

Here’s some people who I connect with.

My children, sisters, sisters-in-laws, nieces, brothers, brothers-in-law,nephews, grandsons and granddaughters, cousins, aunts and uncles. This includes childhood friends from church and school, and people I have met in my life. There are students I have taught, teachers I worked with, my some of my scout troops from many years ago. Many of my friends through life are on here!

It doesn’t take long to scroll down through your news feed and stay in tune with your people’s lives.

This is time I give to my life and living it… me, time! We may not be able to comment on every post, or read every link, but only clicking the like button shows we are alive, well enough to be online, connected, and interested in what the other person is going through in their lives!

That’s the start of my story! What’s your story?

Reality Check!

Is This A Dream Or Reality?


Okay, here’s how my day went!

I fought the devil. I won.

He put up a big fight, but I finally got my satchel back from him.  I needed those snacks, and my laptop was in the bag. That demon was ugly, but I was tougher.

Almost fell from a tall building after going to a public restroom at a lake area. Why do they put restrooms on the second level of a building with outside exits? Just asking!

Tried to catch a big tree from falling on some people while I was trying to get down the primitive ramp from the restroom.

I arranged for a famous singer to sing to this woman, because she missed his concert before.

I told her I couldn’t hold on to that tree any longer, she and her friend fell off the platform to the ground. Although they weren’t hurt; and they thanked me for making her dream a reality.

Ticked off my neighbor because I didn’t want her and her four kids to hang at my house. My kids are in Louisiana, and it’s summer time and I had planned to take my Christmas tree down. I knew she just wanted me to babysit while she watched a movie.

Got puked on by one of those twin babies I didn’t want to watch, but their mom left them with me anyway.

Argued with my hubby because I told him we didn’t need the dog that my friend got at the bar the night before. I know… they were giving away stray poodles, and it only needed a flea bath and fluffed up. We almost separated over this.

I told my friend to take it to the farmer’s market and give the dog away. I can’t figure out why she was in a bar anyway; she told me she was going home and baking banana bread all night.

Ran into high water on every road we drove. It seemed every road wound up in the lake. Picked up something off the road, I think it is a clothing rack of some sort.

Tried to tell my sister in law’s daughter have a safe trip to Texas. Couldn’t get the words out. Not a squeak. She didn’t even say goodbye to me, either. Actually, I don’t even think she saw me.

The highway patrol was chasing us because they thought we were drinking. We weren’t drinking. We parked in a convenient store parking lot. They drove right by us. We decided to take the long way to Tulsa, anyway. I was with my friend, she is dead now.

Stayed at a motel. Brought way too many clothes for the day. Got rained on three times because the skylight was wide open.They are soaking wet.

Told my friend I was going to use what he said in my blog. His words were (while on the phone with the city office), “My wife is a pessimist, and she got peeved, so I sent her to school!”

Was at the lake again, trying to find the pickup so I could put our bed covers in it. Don’t know where my hubby was, but some weird dude was trying to get me to look at something on the water, and wouldn’t let me put my stuff in my pickup until I looked at this bird he was trying to showing me.

Wanted a drink of water, the glass was dirty. It had been for days. This guy was trying to wash the glass for me. It was only dirty on the outside. I didn’t care, I needed a drink!

I realized my two-year old niece knows what beer is. She told me.

Someone died in my arms. She was a blonde haired teenage girl. She suffered from a heat stroke.

Used my friends makeup to cover a spot on my jeans. It was a glittering mineral powder.

Attended church.

Purchased lacy red and white socks for my two granddaughters, who are now 17 and 19.

Bought both girls toothbrushes, pink and green, and decided while I was at it to pick up a maroon one for me.

Wow, what a day, and those were just the highlights!

Oh wait, those were my dreams last night!

Anyone care to interpret?

Dream or reality, is it all related?

Just What Is Life To You?

It's the little things in life that make me smile!

It’s the little things in life that make it worth getting out of bed for. Something as simple as a word from a friend or a sibling can make our day brighter. It could be a bird chirping that brings a smile to your face and in your heart. Maybe it is a beautiful rose budding out covered in the morning dew. Maybe your child is starting school for the first time, or that child lost a front tooth!

There is an old Irish saying that comes to mind, Live long, laugh often, love much.  Although sometimes life ends too soon, and tears flow; the love that you share with others is the binding tie.

My friend just attended a funeral for a very close family friend whose life ended suddenly, and as I reflected on her words she had posted on Facebook, I thought about how many times I have spoken those very words. “It is good to see everyone, but not under these sad circumstances.”

Why is it that we don’t make the effort to take the time to reconnect with our loved ones more often? I know life gets busy, but it is so bittersweet that we always see each other at funerals.

And on that thought, who will be next? It could be you, me, your best friend, or your sister or brother. Could be your child.

Just a phone call to say hello, a plate of cookies to share with a friend, a compliment to say, “I appreciate what you have done for me!”

In this world of turmoil and strife, those little things are what makes a person’s day better and yours, too.

You don’t have to spend money you don’t have to bring a smile to someone’s heart. It’s connections with your people. Caring thoughts and sincere words do more than anything a dollar can buy.

It’s relationships, it’s feelings. Take time out of your day to call someone you care about. Even go a step farther and call an elderly person, just to let them know you are thinking of them! Call your momma! 🙂

Life is precious, life is short. It’s all about feelings, all about a person’s heart.

It’s dancing in the rain, a soft breeze on a hot summer day.

It’s me rambling on!

My forever friend posted this on Facebook today…

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart!

So true… and just what are those things that fill your heart? Is it trying to get ahead, to buy a new toy, or is it the people you love?

For me, it is the people I love. God bless you all, and thank you for everything you have ever done for me, what you mean to me! And by the way, thanks for reading my ramblings! I hope it touches your heart!

Sista Friends

You really do!

Our ladies auxiliary gathers once a month and visits with a sister member who is pretty much housebound. We bring a dish of food to share! Today was the first time I was able to go, and I have to say, I had a wonderful time.

It was so good to see my friends, and just kick back, enjoy some good grub, and relax! Usually we are in a meeting, and don’t get to just sit back, visit, and chill.

Nona, the sister that we went to visit, was as excited to see me as I was, her. I have really missed her smiling face and bubbly outlook!

Thinking back to when I first met her, I recall sitting in our meetings. She was the secretary, I, the assistant conductress. I would get so tickled at her, sitting behind me, mumbling to herself about something she had messed up on.

God bless her! It was such a blessing to get to hug her neck today and visit with all my friends that were there.

I do have to say this, I ate too much! Everyone brought salads, and no one brought the same thing. The dessert was awesome, too! Thanks, Kay!

When I stop and think about the blessings God has given to me, I think that friends and family are the greatest blessing of all. Everyone one brings something to the table, and I am not talking about food. (Although that was some pretty good chow!)

My friend Shirley, (thank you very much,) picked me up and gave me a ride. I enjoyed the time we had to spend together during the commute there and back.

I guess what I am trying to say is this. Cherish your friends. Life is short. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and who will still be in our lives. Make the effort to see them.

I think back to a morning I got a call from my cousin, Annette, telling me my friend Junie had passed away in the night. Such a shock, but it has made me realize just how short life really is, and how much I do cherish my family and friends.

Junie and I had bumped into to each other at Wal-Mart, just a short time before she passed on.

Every time we had seen each other, we would say, “We should do lunch!”

(With eyes leaking…) It’s not ever going to happen here on this earth. But it is not too late for you and your loved ones.

Speak goodness, not gossip. Have the heart you wish others would have, and above all, be thankful for the life God has given you. Share a few minutes of your day with someone less fortunate. You will all be blessed.

Go do lunch!

Nuff said, E.

Building Bridges Connecting Hearts

I love building bridges!

There’s a song made popular by a mother daughter duet several years ago entitled Love Can Build A Bridge. The words go on to say… between your heart and mine.

My sister, and a good friend of ours, and I sing this karaoke song quite often. I have had this song in my heart this morning and as I ponder the meaning of building bridges between two hearts, I thought about the bridges I have connected with through the years.

Of course our hearts are connected with our parents from birth. We make friendships with our siblings and other people we meet. Sometimes, unfortunately, these infrastructures get damaged and aren’t as stable as they should be.

So just how do you build bridges between two hearts, and how do you strengthen those ties that bind human beings together? How can you repair the structure of a bridge that has been damaged?

I thought about several friends that by chance encounter, I was able to visit with yesterday. First I spent the morning with a special friend at our farmers’ market. Then stopping by the local grocery to grab some drinking water, I looked up to see a forever friend of mine rushing up to me and hugging me tightly. I hadn’t seen her in a while, but that bridge is as concrete as ever.

Later on in the evening at our friends’ wedding, I visited with several more. Thinking about the spoken words, and the bridges that we have connected together, I wonder how I could be so blessed to have so many wonderful friendships.

How does that happen?

One in particular I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, and when she saw me, her mouth dropped open. I thought she was going to cry. She hugged me for so long, and when I questioned how she was doing, she replied, “I am better now that I have seen you. You are my angel!”

I told her I wasn’t an angel! Far from it. But she insisted I was her angel. (I can not imagine what I have said that made this person feel the way she does about me.)

Now, I know I am not an angel, but I am a caring person. I do try to build bridges between the hearts of people and mine. That is the Lord’s love showing through, and that is a calling of all God‘s children. I think it is a really important one.

First of all, I think we do this by building an infrastructure that is strong, concrete, and stable. Truly caring about another person’s problems and being there to build them up is very important.

Just being concerned with their feelings, asking how their day was can, make a big difference in someone’s heart. You never know what you say will affect that person.

They could be carrying a mountain on their shoulders. They could be on the brink of a nervous breakdown, suicide, bankruptcy, who knows. But knowing that someone cares enough to ask about their life might be the thing that turns their life around.

Be a good listener. Really.

Tell them you are praying for them, and earnestly ask God to help their needs. There is no way you can help a person more than asking God to intercede in their lives.

Let them know you care.

Be there for  each other.

People watch others. They see what you are, and how you treat other people. They hear your talk about others.

Are you someone a person would want to connect with?

Building bridges take time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is required, temperance is vital. Faith and hope have their place, too. Joy is of utmost value in the building process. You definitely have to have trust.

The world can use more bridges!

It’s love and only love! 

So… don’t you think it’s time?

A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are made for. (from a Facebook post)

Get that ship sailing, and go build a bridge! God bless and I truly hope your day is good!

Pulling on Heart Strings

Plant kindness, harvest love!

There are many reasons why friendships start, flourish, or end.

Everyone is different, and it would be a boring world if we were the same. Thankfully, we are not. The various personalities of people you meet bring something unique into to your life.

Maybe one keeps you laughing, another keeps you grounded. Could be you both share the same interests or hobbies. You might have a friend with a shoulder that you lean on, or you could have one that leans on yours.

Sometimes it might be a long distance move that keeps you away from each other, and you gradually grow apart.

It could be a spoken word and one gets offended, then a rift occurs.

We won’t always agree with what our friends think, or with the words that come out of their mouths. Our friends probably won’t always agree with us. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other.

I have a lot of friends from many places, races, different political views, and various walks of life. Some are almost destitute, while others live in fancy houses, and drive fancy cars.

I meet new people almost daily, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends quite often on Facebook. My friends are what make me complete, whether it is my sisters, friends, or sister friends. I need them in my life, I learn from them all. We all have difference of opinions, sometimes.

The one thing in common that I notice about my friends is this… they all have good hearts! If you have drifted from your friends, make the effort to reconnect.

If you are hurt by your spouse, a family member or friend, or have offended someone, try making the first step and reconciling that relationship! Both hearts will receive a blessing.

Send a card, make a phone call, go visit that friend!

Life is short, people are human and we all make mistakes!

To all my friends, thank you for being my friend, even though I am a weirdo!

I will leave you with a piece of advice that my mother told her children, and I instructed all the kids in my life!

“If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all!”

You might just save a friendship, by being silent and talking to God about the situation!

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