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Hi, It’s Just Me!

For those of you on Pinterest… just thought I would introduce myself and share a  few flowers in Evie’s Gardens! For those of you who read my blog… I  am back!

If you follow me on Pinterest, and wonder who I am and why I pin such diverse objects, let me introduce myself.  I’m Evelyn aka Evie. Passionate about life in general, I wear many hats. A gardener and crafter at heart, I incorporate both.

My yard and greenhouse are usually full of handmade, recycled, DIY objects. My many family members and my friends are the perks in my life. I enjoy making peanut butter sandwiches… aka… random acts of kindness.

I started this blog last year, then my computer crashed. My daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma and my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer. So… the blog was put on hold.

Unfortunately all of my Evie’s Gardens files were lost when my computer crashed. So I must start over. 😦

Computer is fixed. Life goes on. (Still haven’t retrieved all my files, but we are working on that.)

My news years resolution was to embrace the life God has given me, to live it, love it, and laugh and enjoy it and definitely be thankful for it!

No worrying about what ifs, no dwelling on why I didn’t. To do what I am led, no questions asked!

This is  my granddaughter Ashley. I have challenged her to eat healthier.

We’re working on this! Click on the picture and see what Doctor Oz says about healthy foods!


We are making healthy choices this year!

When cancer strikes your family you question your mortality. We have a challenge to eat healthier! We are doing this daily in the choices we make!

Oh, to have the energy this little guy has!

Let's get healthy!

If my grandson Cooper can hoola hoop, I can, too!

My daughter Mirandy received the results for her pet scan. Halfway through chemo, the cancer has shrunk in half! Yeah, I’m praising the Lord!

Team Mandy

 This is my daughter Mirandy (front row – center), her family, my son and his family, and me!

This guy on the right is my husband. At this time I am staying with my daughter in IL while he remains at home in OK.

We are just a small part of Team Mandy. There are so many who support her through this battle in her life. We had t-shirts made as a gesture to show her we care, and they are proudly worn in Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas! Go Team Mandy!

Even though we are having some bumps in the road, life is not going to get us down! We are fighting like a hoot! (Mirandy, aka, Mandy’s nickname)

I Pinned This!

I tried out the aluminum foil ball for the dryer that is supposed to get rid of static electricity. It didn’t. If anyone else tried it and it worked, tell me what you did right and what I didn’t!

If you would like to follow me as I go through my life in Evie’s Gardens… jump on board.

I’m you will find something that interest you, whether it is gardening, spiritual, crafts, food, DIY, kids fun, or just some good humorous fun! Please get involved!

Glad you dropped by.

Today I just wanted to introduce myself.

Hope your day is blessed beyond belief! ~Evie

In remembrance of  MLK… “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”~Martin Luther King

It’s Another Day In This Life!

Spellbound... just one of God's artworks! My friend gave me this rosebush in memory of my mother!

What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, when He takes me by the hand and leads me to the promised land.

Listening to the news, earthquakes in diverse places, hurricanes, war, homosexual marriages, makes me think really hard about my teaching of my youth! I heard about Sodom and Gomorrah , and what God put upon those places. All the teachings I learned makes me so sad for those who haven’t heard the Word of God.

It is so sad that we, as a society take things for granted; the norm, just the way it is.

Well, it isn’t supposed to be that way! I realize what I am writing may make some think I am crazy… but God is the author and finisher of our faith. His word is the truth, and people, we really should take heed and understand that this isn’t a joke passed around Facebook. It is why we are here, the journey we have traveled, the life we have lived.

Where would you be, if He wasn’t here with you? Where would you go, if you didn’t know the Lord? Where would you be? And where are you going when you are through with this life?

For real, where would we be… if we didn’t have the faith to go on day by day? And if we didn’t have a higher power to draw from?

I may lose some friends over this post, but here’s the thing. I would rather have my Jesus and the kingdom of God, than lose a friend who is not a believer.

Every day we are one day closer to the coming of the Lord. Are you ready? I hope I am, and I pray I am worthy of the kingdom of Heaven, even if it is a little travel trailer tucked in the corner of someone else’s estate.

Do you know my Jesus? If not, message me, I will introduce you… it’s who I am, what I am, and where I hope to dwell someday, with Him!

Charity And Love, What It Really Means!

Fruit of the spirit, yeah, that's love!

Just what does love mean to you? Is it only your family and your friends that you care about? Or do you love all the people in the world? I love my God, I love Jesus! I love my children, my grandchildren, my family! I love my friends and my pets! But do I love my neighbor?

One of God‘s commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself!

Do you really know your neighbor? Can you really love that person if you don’t? And then, that being said, who is your neighbor?

Many people think they know just what is right, and judge others for their (in our minds) wrongdoings. Often we think we are the ones that know best, and we put others behind our opinions. Do we stand in judgement for this?

Sometimes people do things that really tick us off, make us angry! We have a tendency to not like some people, and really think others are special. It could be we don’t like the way someone dresses, their form of self-expression, or their shortcomings that make us feel this way.

Taught all through all my life to love the sinner, hate the sin; sometimes, it is hard to see past what you think others are doing wrong, and not love them for those particular reasons. As I have said before, He is still working on me, and will be until the day I die.

At times people are just a thorn in your side. Ever have one of those? Someone that just really irritates you, one that you just don’t get? Unfortunately, I do. But I try to see past all that, and I am sure some people feel the same way about me.

It could be the teenager at the grocery store with the cell phone in her ear or the foreigner at phone company that really gets to you and makes you not feel very lovable at that minute and want to just hang up on them.

Love is the most beautiful word in the English language, don’t you think? It compasses all the good about everything, none of the negative. It is the feeling of joy, hope, compassion, and peace. We never feel anything better. No money can buy it, no possessions can own it. Love is happiness, security, and contentment. So why is it sometimes we don’t feel love?

Is it knowing that God loves us, and has sacrificed His own for us?

Do we have that love in our hearts? Love is charity! Not the kind you write off on your taxes; but true charity, giving of yourself, and not expecting something in return. You have to give love to receive love! That simple.

So… what do you think?

When writing this blog, I am not writing at you, but to you. Therefore, I would appreciate your comments to let me know how you feel. All response on these topics can only broaden our views, our thinking, and our outlook on life. I need your advice. What do you do when someone is a thorn in your side, and you don’t understand?

Have a blessed day! Evie

The word “love” occurs 311 times in 281 verses in the KJV of the Bible. According to the dictionary in the BLB, Christian love is the fruit of His Spirit in the Christian. Gal 5:22. See below.

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Gal 5:22-23

Hello World

Good morning, friends! I hope this day finds you filled with joy and contentment! Mine started even before I opened my eyes with Hope kissing me smackdab in the face!

I dragged myself out of bed, opened the back door, and saw the beginning of another glorious day unfolding before my sleep filled eyes!

The temperature isn’t even eighty degrees, (yet), and the birds are singing!

 The cats think they are starving, the birdfeeders need filling, but still, Hope reigns!

It’s another day in the life of, well, me!

 Prayers prayed, coffee in my cup, hubby sleeping soundly, and the tunes of the day surrounds me. The air condtioner is humming, the coffee pot is creaking, the toilet is gurgling, and all is well up here in the trailerhood!

Everything seems to be running at normal capacity! The electric box is spinning happily, and the mail box is filled with people wanting to hear from me!

The garden needs watering, the garbage taken out, and there are dirty dishes from last night’s supper in the sink! 

Sad thing is, I have that virus that is being spread around called housework. Makes me queasy when I think about all the chores I need to do!

Seriously though, it means we have food to eat and water to drink, so I am not complaining! Now, if someone would just bring me chocolate, I would feel better, I am sure!

Before my day gets too busy, I need to search the web for some fun things to do for the Halloween carnival our VFWLA is putting on for the youth in our town.

Anyone have any ideas? I would love your input. As chairman of the committee, I have my work cut out for me, and I could use some suggestions of easy games for all ages! What is your child’s favorite thing to play at a carnival?

It’s time to go refill my coffee cup and get my day started, so I will hush for now and get busy.

Those people wanting to hear from me want money, and I have to go make some dollars to give them!

Have a wonderful day filled with Hope! I know I will, because she is wanting back in, right now! And, yes, I am still waiting on the chocolate!

BTW… Hope is my little Yorkie! 🙂

God bless you all, stay cool, and spread a little Hope today!

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