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Life Is What It Is!

It’s been a while since I have written on this blog… lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote. First of all, my computer crashed and I had only my phone to communicate with on the internet. I am back now, though!

Another thing that has happened… my daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma, so I have made the trip from Oklahoma to Illinois to help her through her chemo and help with my grandchildren.

Staying in the city is a change from living in the country!  The city noises are strange compared to the quietness of our rural home, and it’s not easy sleeping with the different noises.

Ashley, Cooper, and I put up the Christmas tree last week, and together we decorated it. We also have crafted some nice decorations, too.

My daughter Mirandy and I thought it would be a wonderful thing if we did Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) this holiday season with Ashley (9)  and Cooper (4), to give them something positive to think about. We wrote twenty-four kindnesses on a sheet of paper, one for every day until Christmas.

Ashley rewrote them on gift size cards I had previously cut from construction paper. She decorated the fronts of the cards with stencils and colored pens, enjoying every minute of it!

When we awake in the mornings, we take turns drawing out of the big holiday bowl, which holds the cards for our kindness of the day! RACK has been a big conversational topic in this house, and my grand children are feeling good about doing these little things for others.

I didn’t realize just how much Cooper thought about these acts until Saturday evening while he and Ashley were in the bedroom watching a movie. Paul, Mandy, and I were in the living room getting ready to watch bedlam, (OSU vs OU).

All of a sudden Cooper comes running into the living room crying, “Grandma, Ashley is in here doing random acts of meanness!”

I nearly fell to the floor laughing! Well, he’s been told to use his words! 🙂

Have a great day, God bless you, and don’t forget RACK!

Catch you later, Evie! ❤


The Flowers In God’s Gardens!

I grew up around flowers, am a grower of flowers, and totally a flower lover. As a youngster, when my mom and her mom walked around my grandma’s yard, I followed closely… probably driving them crazy wanting know the flowers names.

I don’t think there is more beautiful art than a flower. They are full of God’s glory. Each flower is an individual, you won’t find two exactly alike. Anyway, I have never. Each has its own unique petals, fragrance, and beauty. I named my daughter Mirandy after the rose in the above picture!

It’s like people! None of us are the same. Some think they are more normal than others, several are healthier, some are tall and skinny while others carry excess weight. While part of the population think they are smarter than everyone else, maybe some are while others have no self-esteem.

There are meek people, overly outspoken, beautiful, homely, etc. I could go on forever, but I won’t.

My point is it takes all kinds of people to make up this world. Some are beautiful roses, some are dandelions. I love dandelions. I also love sweet violets, red roses, yellow roses, daffodils, and zinnias.  (Okay, for real, I love all flowers.)

My hubby however thinks dandelions are weeds.

In a child’s eyes, a dandelion is as pretty as any flower in God’s great garden.

Today my friend sent me an email. As I read the story entitled The Blue Rose, I thought of all the differences in flowers and people. (Link to this email at the end of this story.)

This started me thinking again. I know… there she goes again!

Several years ago my mom, my sisters and I were in Connecticut. My younger sister Vicki was driving  us around, showing us her part of the country! We were admiring the peak season of the beautiful New England state, and talking about how vibrant the colors were.

One thing led to the another, and soon my older sister Pat asked this question, “If you were a flower, what would you be?”

Vicki said she would be a daffodil, Pat – a red rose, and me… well I have always loved friendship, so I always thought I would be a yellow rose.

When we asked our mother what she would be, she said very meekly and quietly, “Oh, a violet.”

I was thinking… a violet?

That is so small and common, and Mom, you have raised some of the most gorgeous flowers in the US… a violet?

Then she turned to us and grinned!

Breaking into  a beautiful song, she sang, “Sweet violets, sweeter than the roses!”

Oh the memories of sisterhood!  We always knew you were her favorite, Vicki! 🙂

Here’s the link to The Blue Rose. (author unknown)

So what kind of flower are you in God’s garden?

Reality Check!

Is This A Dream Or Reality?


Okay, here’s how my day went!

I fought the devil. I won.

He put up a big fight, but I finally got my satchel back from him.  I needed those snacks, and my laptop was in the bag. That demon was ugly, but I was tougher.

Almost fell from a tall building after going to a public restroom at a lake area. Why do they put restrooms on the second level of a building with outside exits? Just asking!

Tried to catch a big tree from falling on some people while I was trying to get down the primitive ramp from the restroom.

I arranged for a famous singer to sing to this woman, because she missed his concert before.

I told her I couldn’t hold on to that tree any longer, she and her friend fell off the platform to the ground. Although they weren’t hurt; and they thanked me for making her dream a reality.

Ticked off my neighbor because I didn’t want her and her four kids to hang at my house. My kids are in Louisiana, and it’s summer time and I had planned to take my Christmas tree down. I knew she just wanted me to babysit while she watched a movie.

Got puked on by one of those twin babies I didn’t want to watch, but their mom left them with me anyway.

Argued with my hubby because I told him we didn’t need the dog that my friend got at the bar the night before. I know… they were giving away stray poodles, and it only needed a flea bath and fluffed up. We almost separated over this.

I told my friend to take it to the farmer’s market and give the dog away. I can’t figure out why she was in a bar anyway; she told me she was going home and baking banana bread all night.

Ran into high water on every road we drove. It seemed every road wound up in the lake. Picked up something off the road, I think it is a clothing rack of some sort.

Tried to tell my sister in law’s daughter have a safe trip to Texas. Couldn’t get the words out. Not a squeak. She didn’t even say goodbye to me, either. Actually, I don’t even think she saw me.

The highway patrol was chasing us because they thought we were drinking. We weren’t drinking. We parked in a convenient store parking lot. They drove right by us. We decided to take the long way to Tulsa, anyway. I was with my friend, she is dead now.

Stayed at a motel. Brought way too many clothes for the day. Got rained on three times because the skylight was wide open.They are soaking wet.

Told my friend I was going to use what he said in my blog. His words were (while on the phone with the city office), “My wife is a pessimist, and she got peeved, so I sent her to school!”

Was at the lake again, trying to find the pickup so I could put our bed covers in it. Don’t know where my hubby was, but some weird dude was trying to get me to look at something on the water, and wouldn’t let me put my stuff in my pickup until I looked at this bird he was trying to showing me.

Wanted a drink of water, the glass was dirty. It had been for days. This guy was trying to wash the glass for me. It was only dirty on the outside. I didn’t care, I needed a drink!

I realized my two-year old niece knows what beer is. She told me.

Someone died in my arms. She was a blonde haired teenage girl. She suffered from a heat stroke.

Used my friends makeup to cover a spot on my jeans. It was a glittering mineral powder.

Attended church.

Purchased lacy red and white socks for my two granddaughters, who are now 17 and 19.

Bought both girls toothbrushes, pink and green, and decided while I was at it to pick up a maroon one for me.

Wow, what a day, and those were just the highlights!

Oh wait, those were my dreams last night!

Anyone care to interpret?

Dream or reality, is it all related?

Schulter America Where The…

The statuses on Facebook daily are showing… if you are from….(fill in the blank) you remember…

I am from Schulter, America, a town with a population as of this past April of 607 people, where kids went barefoot, drank from the water hose, and never wore seatbelts.

When my family lived there, the population was many more, because there were a lot of us Thompsons. But we have all moved on, and the only thing that remains is the memory of growing up in a small rural community, where everyone knew each other, and were there for each other.

My dad moved us to the “country” when I was ten years old. He said it was because he wanted to get us girls out-of-town and away from the boys. Like that happened!

Reading all the posts from people who grew up there, really took me back through memory lane. I grew up there, married the father of my children, watched them grow, saw my parents grow old, and welcomed many nieces, nephews, and grandkids come into this world while I resided there.

Some of the best memories of my life came from that small town, and to relive it through others’ eyes is fun.

One of the things remembered is Sky Rocket, the creek where we all met, swam, and swung from an old rope swing someone had hung… sometime. It was always there as long as I can remember. If it was pretty outside, and anyone cut school, it didn’t take long for the teachers to walk across the school grounds and up the road to where they would find the truant kids. I remember riding horses down to Sky Rocket with my best friend.

We lived on forty acres of land, Dad, Mom, and for the most part seven of my ten living siblings. We worked the land, growing veggies that we sold to many of Okmulgee county residents. My first job was picking blackberries for a dollar a gallon.

All of us kids explored every acre that surrounded us, and spent many evenings in the little pond that was on our land. We even built a diving board of sorts, and took many evening baths in that pond, complete with the Ivory soap. (It floats, like Hope!)

When we moved on the land, there was nothing, except some scrub brush, tickle weed, and a persimmon tree. My parent’s moved our house from town, and had a well dug. We raised a garden, cows, chickens, hogs, and even had a Shetland pony. They eventually built a very profitable nursery business and many of the kids around Schulter helped at some time or the other. Most of the grandkids could tell you a story or two.

Our house was where everyone knew they could come, and many did. My parents didn’t care how many kids were there, as long as they minded, and helped. Dad didn’t care for slackers.

Behind us was Elephant Hill, an old Indian burial ground, that when we  moved there, we were warned not to go there. Bad things would happen. I never did go there.

Schulter also has Cry Baby Bridge. Legend has it that a woman driving down a rural dirt road early one morning.  She was intoxicated and missed the curve while coming upon a bridge. She supposedly lost control and plummeted into the Deep Fork River. They say searchers never found the infant which was with her in the car. They again, supposedly found her headless body. They say  you can go after dark and stand on the bridge you can hear and sometimes see the woman looking for her baby.

Okay, I lived in Schulter many years. Never saw nor heard it. Although there were very few times I went there after dark. 🙂

A lot of good people lived in Schulter, many wonderful people still do. A lot of my dear friends were raised there, and we all have several wonderful memories, some have had sad things happen while they resided there.

Here are a few good memories of mine, hope all you Schulterites will add to them.

Sky Rocket… we spent many hours swimming with our friends there.

Masino’s Grocery which housed the US Post Office, and we used to walk about two miles to buy candy and pop.

Riding the school bus, Ray Crawford, (RIP) and always coming home with a headache. Okay, the headaches weren’t a good memory. The dusty roads caused those.

Getting in trouble in school with Scarlet Crandell for snapping our chewing gum… oh yeah!

My boyfriend stopping by the school and talking through the back window in the Home Ec Building. Yeah, I married him.

Ruby Goodwin making my mom mad because she screamed at me for fouling her daughter at a Schulter/Dewar basketball game. Thanks George Christy for making me foul.

David Thompson and his friends break dancing, and him praying for a banny chicken to live!

The birth of my son, Russ, and my niece Christy.

Red roses we picked from our rose bushes for the annual  baccalaureate services.

My niece DeAndra making my nephew Wade, bite the dust while playing the game, I Have This Rooster .

The name I chose for my daughter, from a rose in Thompson’s Greenhouse.

Mrs. Rose, teaching us to sew properly, and getting on to me for my boyfriend at the window.

Ok, I could go on forever. Give me some of your Schulter memories!

Don’t Answer That Call!

A wise man once said, “I have that telephone for my convenience, not someone else’s!” Hmm. Makes sense to me.

Although Caller ID is pretty awesome! You can answer, call back later, or just ignore. You can usually decide if it’s a sales call, someone wanting to take your time for a survey, or um, a person  you really don’t want to talk with or listen to.

Some people don’t think about anyone else’s time schedule or life. Now don’t get me wrong, I am just stating a fact.

Sometimes my phone rings and I just do not want to answer it. I may be in the middle of something important like writing, and don’t want to lose my train of thought; doing the dishes, or on a project that I don’t want or have time to stop at that particular moment and talk. I usually am working. Other times I just know how the (one-sided) conversation will go.

We live in a rural area and many times my phone goes straight to voice mail. I don’t even get my messages for a day or two. When my phone rings early in the morning or late at night and it goes through, all I am saying is, I hope it is important.

I do not like being brought out of a deep sleep to  answer a call in the first place. When I am sleeping, I need sleep!

These are usually the conversations in the middle of the night, or early in the morning!

Do you know where (fill in the blank) is?

You need to talk to him/her? You want me to get out of bed and go find him/her?

Why don’t you have their number? If you are that close that you need them that badly, you should have their phone number.

Oh, yes, please complain about one of my relatives or friends! You just made my night! (Not!)

No, I am not going to baby sit so you can go the bar and party.

No, I don’t know where your ex is.

No, I wasn’t awake, but thanks for asking. It’s three o’clock in the morning, (or six, or midnight, whatever).

I know, I shouldn’t need any beauty sleep, as purty as I am.

Yes, I have to work in a couple of hours.

No, I  will not take your children with me so you can go shopping.

No, I do not have money to loan you so you can go buy beer and cigarettes.

And yes, I love to hear your voice, just not in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning  especially before I have my coffee!

I know, you have told me this story over and over. Oh, yes, I forget, it changes every time you tell it. And yes, of course, you know you are always right.

Oh, thank you for letting me know I won a million dollars. You want me to get a loan and what?

You want me to spend fifteen minutes telling you what?

Oh, no, my extended warranty on my 1963 Nova has expired? Wow, did I ever own one of those. Did they even make one?

Wow, I am the 1,982, 472 caller and I won what? Hey, wait, you called me!

How do you handle these calls? Do you not answer, ignore the person, and maybe cause hard feelings?

Do you answer and wait (im)patiently while they are going through their spiel, blowing off steam while all the while wondering if your cake is burning? Or do you just tell them you don’t have time for them?

Needing someone to talk to? Call me anytime, but please not between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM.  Unless it is an emergency. Please refer to the above conversations to verify an emergency. These conversations are not, I repeat, not emergencies.

If all else fails and you really need to talk to someone about your problems during OPST  (other people’s sleep time) please call 1-800-GET REAL and let me rest. I really do need my beauty sleep!

Feel free to comment… what’s your nightmare phone call?

* These conversations are purely fictional. Any resemblance to anyone you may know is purely coincidental, and not intended to defame, harm, or otherwise, hurt anyone’s feelings. Just having fun, y’all!

1200 Pairs of Shoes? Really!

‎1200 pairs of shoes, come on people. Really?
I got up early so I could go sit out in the yard and have some peace and quiet with my coffee and enjoy my morning before I went to work.
Tony followed me from the bed!
So… I had turned the air conditioner off wrong! (He wouldn’t have done it that way!)
Then I hid his remote!
Okay, he turned the tv off, I was on my computer on Facebook when he went to bed! For those who know me, you know I am not a tv watcher! Why would I hide the remote?
So much for peace and quiet!
I went outside with my coffee, sat down at my table and looked at my pretty flowers that are croaking from the heat!
The cat jumped on me!
The dog jumped on me!
Okay that’s three jumps on me and it wasn’t even 6:20. 
Ready to go back to bed, myself, and I am a morning person! 🙂
But not this morning!
Minutes later Tony comes out and apologizes for being mean to me. (Yeah, he better be glad he did!)
So me, being the forgiving, sweet wife I am, go back inside.
Yeah, really, my coffee cup was empty!
I sat down beside my hubby, and watch the news.
And this is newsworthy? Okay!
Woman has 1200 pairs of shoes. Wow. That’s over three years of shoes if she wears a different pair every day!
Now, me, I can’t even find a decent pair of dress shoes in my closet to wear to church or a funeral. Wonder if she would donate to a worthy cause?
On a different note, why do people think 1200 pairs of shoes are worthy of national news, yet our military men and women who die every day protecting us, never make more than the local news?
Get real, media! What is important to you? And more so, what  do the people of America want to hear?
Not sorry,  but I am passionate when it comes to our military putting their lives on the line, and we get to watch… hello, 1200 pairs of shoes!
Get a life, people. There is more to life than buying shoes!
Don’t get me started! (Tony agrees, wholeheartedly!)
Okay, I am through with that.
Here’s my tip for the day…
Whatever you do, don’t think that you can go do your job unobserved by others. I left home this morning, (no air conditioning in my Blazer) knowing that no one would be there, where I was!
Wrong, again!
My lady had knee surgery and they were home by 10:00 AM.
That’s twice in this month, that has happened. Next time, I will be dressed nicely complete with make up!
Hello, how old are you, Evelyn? You should have known!
‘Til tomorrow, have a blessed day, and keep that sense of humor!

Dog Days of Summer

RIP... Peewee, at least you are cool!

Dog days of summer!

Heard it all my life!

Felt it for almost a month now!

So anyone out there have any good ideas as how to make it better?

The thermometer on the Blazer reads 110.

Really, now, how much more can we take?

I tell Tony every summer he can’t gripe about the heat, because he complains all winter about the cold.

Thinking he is probably going to say, “Right back at you!”

‘Cause, people, it is hot here in Oklahoma! I don’t usually perspire, but now, you can just me a sweat hog, because I am drenched in it!

Being from this state, and never living anywhere else, I must say I have never lived through a summer like this.

You most likely are getting tired of hearing about the heat in Oklahoma!

So… just saying, why don’t you visit us soon, and get a first hand feel for yourself! Then you will know why we are pouting.

What do you do when it is 110 outside and even the shade trees are crying?

Please share with us!

Television is getting old, and housework, hello, not happening!

I have a good excuse. It’s just too hot! (Good as any!)

Here’s what people in Oklahoma are saying!

My friend Deidre commented on Facebook about it being so hot the seat belt buckles are carrying their own brands! I totally agree. Want to see a Chevy brand? It’s a Blazer. No pun intended 🙂

Cousin Carlos said, “It’s so hot, even the trees are chasing stray dogs!”

I’m thinking my Morkie, Hope, is scared to go outside, afraid of a tree running her over!

I just keep repeating, “The trees are crying!”

Sad thing is, they are crying alligator tears! Not a drop is falling to the ground!

Fake, just fake!

My niece, Angie, wants to relocate to Colorado! I told her I was stowing away in her luggage. (Watch out niece, Diane, we could be heading your way! We want to be cool!)

Another friend of mine called in to work to ask her boss if she could stay home and play in the rain.

Her boss said yes!

Now, what does that tell you?

Unfortunately we only got a few drops, so she went to work. She did tell her boss if the rain started, she (the boss) would find her (my friend, Jen) in the parking lot, playing!

Okay, enough complaining. I will finish with the words to a song I like from The Band Perrys’  song, “If I Die Young” …

So gather up your tears and keep ’em in your pocket….save them for a time when you’re really gonna need ’em… (like this winter when we can’t stay warm!):)

Today’s Tip:

Take a spray bottle, fill it with water. Spray yourself! Very cooling! Add some cooling fragrance, like mint. Don’t spray in your eyes!

Today’s Humor: (Real story)

When I was a very young teenager, on a very hot day, we sat in church. Of course there was no air conditioning.

The windows of the church were wide open, letting what breeze that would, come in!

I was on one of the back rows with my “teenage” friends. (We thought we were big!)

My two youngest brothers were sitting with my parents way in the front.

Again, let me remind you, the windows were open.

It was getting close to lunchtime. Someone was frying chicken next door.

The church got quiet.

My youngest brother, Steve, stood up and said loudly, (I heard it, so did everyone in the church)…

“Anyone like fried taters, raise your hand!”

As I was sliding under the chair, well, okay,  just wanting to…

my brother, Troy, 14 months older than Steve, stands up on the bench, and screams, “I do, I do!”

(So much for my social life!)

Everyone, have a blessed night, and remember, no complaining. God forgive me. 

Peace and contentment to you all,


Rain Dance, Anyone?



Not only do I hear rain, I can smell it in the air. Come on down you wonderful blessing, we are waiting for you! Oh, the glorious sound of rain drops hitting the rooftop delights my heart!


It’s funny how when you are a child, you sing the little song, “Rain, rain, go away!” 


Now we, in Oklahoma, are singing, “Rain, rain, rain today!”


The sound of thunder is like music to our ears, and the ground is soaking up every little rain drop! It seems strange that something as simple as a rain drop can change your whole attitude.


Back in April, we were praying for the rain to end, as our yard was flooded and my plants were washing out of the ground. I told everyone that it wouldn’t be long, we probably would be praying for rain.


And guess what? We are!


Maybe it is time for a rain dance. I said when it did come, I was going to dance in it, but maybe I should do a rain dance and bring it on?


I guess I’m not much of a rain dancer, because we only received less than a quarter of an inch!


That’s what they do at the Kubinski house when it rains! They dance in it! When we were there this past summer, we did just that!


I should call my granddaughter Ashley and have her dance for me!


Or maybe, we should just call Underwear Boy to the rescue. Looks like he could shake things up a bit! 🙂


Tip of the Day: Move your plants out of the sun to a shady place until the days cool off! They will love you for it!


Laugh of the Day:


 An honest weatherman says, “Today’s forecast is bright and sunny with an 80% chance that I’m wrong.”  (Believed to be public domain!)

Hello World

Good morning, friends! I hope this day finds you filled with joy and contentment! Mine started even before I opened my eyes with Hope kissing me smackdab in the face!

I dragged myself out of bed, opened the back door, and saw the beginning of another glorious day unfolding before my sleep filled eyes!

The temperature isn’t even eighty degrees, (yet), and the birds are singing!

 The cats think they are starving, the birdfeeders need filling, but still, Hope reigns!

It’s another day in the life of, well, me!

 Prayers prayed, coffee in my cup, hubby sleeping soundly, and the tunes of the day surrounds me. The air condtioner is humming, the coffee pot is creaking, the toilet is gurgling, and all is well up here in the trailerhood!

Everything seems to be running at normal capacity! The electric box is spinning happily, and the mail box is filled with people wanting to hear from me!

The garden needs watering, the garbage taken out, and there are dirty dishes from last night’s supper in the sink! 

Sad thing is, I have that virus that is being spread around called housework. Makes me queasy when I think about all the chores I need to do!

Seriously though, it means we have food to eat and water to drink, so I am not complaining! Now, if someone would just bring me chocolate, I would feel better, I am sure!

Before my day gets too busy, I need to search the web for some fun things to do for the Halloween carnival our VFWLA is putting on for the youth in our town.

Anyone have any ideas? I would love your input. As chairman of the committee, I have my work cut out for me, and I could use some suggestions of easy games for all ages! What is your child’s favorite thing to play at a carnival?

It’s time to go refill my coffee cup and get my day started, so I will hush for now and get busy.

Those people wanting to hear from me want money, and I have to go make some dollars to give them!

Have a wonderful day filled with Hope! I know I will, because she is wanting back in, right now! And, yes, I am still waiting on the chocolate!

BTW… Hope is my little Yorkie! 🙂

God bless you all, stay cool, and spread a little Hope today!

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