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Inspired Again!

Every day something inspires me to do better. Pinterest boards inspire me to do so much more… I love the hints, tips, and recipes!

Hot chocolate, anyone?

Last year while living and spending time with two of my favorite kids, we  looked on Pinterest to make Christmas presents for their teachers. We decided  to make our own Rudolphs!  After seeing  hot chocolate gifts, we started with a basic hot chocolate mix and did our thing.  This is the end result! We had fun making all them all.

You can use store-bought mix, or just comment and let me know, I will send you a link to the recipe that I have tweaked and used for years. It’s G’ma Dot’s!

Check it out… there are lots of inspiring links on my Pinterest boards. People inspire me to do crafty things around this homestead!

My friend and auxiliary sister turned eighteen recently. She inspires me!

Always amazes me to see a lady (Yes, you are a lady!) at this age, knowing what she wants from her life, and making to effort to do the best she can.

I get inspiration from those who supports our military at this young age and doing good for others,  when most are concentrating on the fun side of life.

The auxiliary I belong to… you inspire me, sisters!

Thank you for your service and your friendship!  I hope what we do helps someone along the way!

If you would be interested in joining the cause, check out

Will you be my inspiration tomorrow? Looking forward to finding out.

My sister-in-law inspires me. Happy birthday, Evelyn Kay Thompson. Sharing her world tomorrow, maybe. 🙂

Have a fruit filled day! ~ Evie


Life Is What It Is!

It’s been a while since I have written on this blog… lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote. First of all, my computer crashed and I had only my phone to communicate with on the internet. I am back now, though!

Another thing that has happened… my daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma, so I have made the trip from Oklahoma to Illinois to help her through her chemo and help with my grandchildren.

Staying in the city is a change from living in the country!  The city noises are strange compared to the quietness of our rural home, and it’s not easy sleeping with the different noises.

Ashley, Cooper, and I put up the Christmas tree last week, and together we decorated it. We also have crafted some nice decorations, too.

My daughter Mirandy and I thought it would be a wonderful thing if we did Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) this holiday season with Ashley (9)  and Cooper (4), to give them something positive to think about. We wrote twenty-four kindnesses on a sheet of paper, one for every day until Christmas.

Ashley rewrote them on gift size cards I had previously cut from construction paper. She decorated the fronts of the cards with stencils and colored pens, enjoying every minute of it!

When we awake in the mornings, we take turns drawing out of the big holiday bowl, which holds the cards for our kindness of the day! RACK has been a big conversational topic in this house, and my grand children are feeling good about doing these little things for others.

I didn’t realize just how much Cooper thought about these acts until Saturday evening while he and Ashley were in the bedroom watching a movie. Paul, Mandy, and I were in the living room getting ready to watch bedlam, (OSU vs OU).

All of a sudden Cooper comes running into the living room crying, “Grandma, Ashley is in here doing random acts of meanness!”

I nearly fell to the floor laughing! Well, he’s been told to use his words! 🙂

Have a great day, God bless you, and don’t forget RACK!

Catch you later, Evie! ❤

Building Bridges Connecting Hearts

I love building bridges!

There’s a song made popular by a mother daughter duet several years ago entitled Love Can Build A Bridge. The words go on to say… between your heart and mine.

My sister, and a good friend of ours, and I sing this karaoke song quite often. I have had this song in my heart this morning and as I ponder the meaning of building bridges between two hearts, I thought about the bridges I have connected with through the years.

Of course our hearts are connected with our parents from birth. We make friendships with our siblings and other people we meet. Sometimes, unfortunately, these infrastructures get damaged and aren’t as stable as they should be.

So just how do you build bridges between two hearts, and how do you strengthen those ties that bind human beings together? How can you repair the structure of a bridge that has been damaged?

I thought about several friends that by chance encounter, I was able to visit with yesterday. First I spent the morning with a special friend at our farmers’ market. Then stopping by the local grocery to grab some drinking water, I looked up to see a forever friend of mine rushing up to me and hugging me tightly. I hadn’t seen her in a while, but that bridge is as concrete as ever.

Later on in the evening at our friends’ wedding, I visited with several more. Thinking about the spoken words, and the bridges that we have connected together, I wonder how I could be so blessed to have so many wonderful friendships.

How does that happen?

One in particular I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, and when she saw me, her mouth dropped open. I thought she was going to cry. She hugged me for so long, and when I questioned how she was doing, she replied, “I am better now that I have seen you. You are my angel!”

I told her I wasn’t an angel! Far from it. But she insisted I was her angel. (I can not imagine what I have said that made this person feel the way she does about me.)

Now, I know I am not an angel, but I am a caring person. I do try to build bridges between the hearts of people and mine. That is the Lord’s love showing through, and that is a calling of all God‘s children. I think it is a really important one.

First of all, I think we do this by building an infrastructure that is strong, concrete, and stable. Truly caring about another person’s problems and being there to build them up is very important.

Just being concerned with their feelings, asking how their day was can, make a big difference in someone’s heart. You never know what you say will affect that person.

They could be carrying a mountain on their shoulders. They could be on the brink of a nervous breakdown, suicide, bankruptcy, who knows. But knowing that someone cares enough to ask about their life might be the thing that turns their life around.

Be a good listener. Really.

Tell them you are praying for them, and earnestly ask God to help their needs. There is no way you can help a person more than asking God to intercede in their lives.

Let them know you care.

Be there for  each other.

People watch others. They see what you are, and how you treat other people. They hear your talk about others.

Are you someone a person would want to connect with?

Building bridges take time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is required, temperance is vital. Faith and hope have their place, too. Joy is of utmost value in the building process. You definitely have to have trust.

The world can use more bridges!

It’s love and only love! 

So… don’t you think it’s time?

A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are made for. (from a Facebook post)

Get that ship sailing, and go build a bridge! God bless and I truly hope your day is good!

Under The Sun

This morning as I sat drinking my coffee, I contemplated on what I should write about today. Usually it is about a particular subject that is on my mind, but this morning, I was just, well, brain-dead. So I checked my Facebook instead.

The topics on my Facebook ranged from giants in the church meeting, to hoola hoops for the waist, to giving blood, and much more. Everything under the sun is what was written.

This started me thinking that is just what I do, write about everything under the sun! Hoping you don’t get bored reading my blog!

Today is my friend’s birthday. You’ll have to guess how old she is, because I am older, not much mind you, but older! Plus, she might get mad at me! (My mother said a lady never tells her age! Oh no, that was another friend’s mother.)

I was thinking back to when we first met, many moons ago, about the times we’ve shared through the years. She was one of my firstpen pals, living several states away, we were probably ten years old. It makes me feel blessed that she is still in my life.

I have many friends from my youth that I stay in contact with, or have reconnected with through Facebook. I have made many more through the years.

Now in the process of writing a book about my sister-friends, I thought of a poem I wrote several years ago. Since you are my friend, I would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

A Friend Indeed

Did you ever wonder what a friend is about

Ever sit and think it out?

A friend will sit and lend an ear

To anything you want to share.

She won’t judge or think you bad

Even though you might make her sad.

A shoulder, on which you can lean,

The lines she won’t read between.

Won’t try to change who you are

But will try to help you go far.

In your life whatever you do

Hard times she will help you through.

The good times she will want to share

She loves you and you know she cares.

With you she won’t try to compete

Just help to make your life complete.

Someone to cry with, or share a laugh

Someone to depend on, on your behalf.

She’ll take your kids, treat them like her own

Or visit with you on the telephone.

Sometimes for hours, making small talk

Sharing feelings or taking a walk.

She will share your hurt and your pain

And let your tears flow like rain.

She’ll comfort you and lighten your load

Help you down those rocky roads.

So if you wonder what it’s all about

Just think of me, a friend no doubt!

by Evelyn Mynhier 1989

I am blessed to be your friend!

Comment if you enjoyed this and feel free to share!

Peace and Contentment


Order this as a print!

Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone, forever.

 Wondering what today will bring, and hoping and praying it will bring peace, contentment, and happiness to all whom I know. The last few weeks have been filled with tragedies for so many people I care about.

Automobile accidents have taken several lives in our area. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, to those who are hurting and confused.

Sometimes it makes you wonder when, if ever, it will end. Unfortunately it won’t , not as long as we live on this earth, and we just have to deal with life the best we can.

Trying to find peace in an upside down, topsy turvy world can be unsettling, to say the least.

I find that peace in nature.

 The sounds of the birds singing make me realize that God is everywhere, watching over us, helping to ease our pain. Although He has taken his chosen and left the rest of us behind, doesn’t mean He isn’t concerned with the pain in our hearts.

When life gets you down, try to focus on the blessings God has given us, the beauty He surrounds us with, the day He has provided. Think about what you have, not what you want, or what has been taken from you. This is where you will find that peace and contentment.

Get up early and watch the sun rise over the horizon. In the evening, stop what you are doing and watch the sun go down in a glorious blaze of color! Reflect on the goodness of your day, not the sadness that has occurred.

Take a close look at a flower and absorb the beauty.  Dwell on the good things in life, and breathe in the wonders of the life you have been given! Give your loved ones a hug, and be thankful for the time you have with them. Life is short, live it to the fullest!

Have a great day, spread some kindness, and enjoy a bit of nature!

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