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Memorial Day Weekend

Mirandy rose bush

I feel pretty bad that I have not written a  post on my blog in a while… life happened here, and it happened hard. We have had eight deaths in our circle of family and friends in the last 6 weeks.  (Okay, I know… my most repeated words are… you love a lot, you lose a lot. I prefer the love!)

Then the tornadoes hit Oklahoma. My sister, my niece, and a friend’s neighborhood was hit, and we have been consumed with all the sadness and trying to help those in need.

My granddaughter also graduated from high school. It’s been busy… that is all I can say.

I stay connected on Facebook and have done most of my posts there, but I felt I should get busy and start blogging again.

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

I think about all the veterans… my dad, three brothers, cousins, uncles, father in law, and many friends who I have met through the LAVFW. I am a life member, secretary for our local auxiliary, and head some committees, the youth activity committee is my passion. I feel I have not done my best… but as I said, life has happened here for some time.

Today I was thinking about more than just the veterans. My mind wandered to so many places. People that have passed on, loved ones who were affected by tragedy, ones who have lost everything, or those who lost lives and limbs in the tornadoes that have hit the mid-west.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I would like to share a couple of my pages on Facebook.

This page is my journey in our trailer hood. It’s life at its finest and at its worst. It’s laughter and tears from a momma/grandma/great-grandmother. It’s full of fun, tips, hints, and well, just life.

This page is just what it says… we share ways to help others in the Christian way.

I hope you will all join up with us and make the world a better place, sharing your insights about how to help… it’s as simple as calling and checking on someone.

I promise I will be better about posting… hopefully life in the trailer hood will calm down. Above all losing my brother was a tough one, and I didn’t want to bring anyone down. May your Memorial weekend be just that… memorable!

Please share my blog with your friends, and please leave a comment. Love to hear back from you!

God bless you all! ~evie


Hi, It’s Just Me!

For those of you on Pinterest… just thought I would introduce myself and share a  few flowers in Evie’s Gardens! For those of you who read my blog… I  am back!

If you follow me on Pinterest, and wonder who I am and why I pin such diverse objects, let me introduce myself.  I’m Evelyn aka Evie. Passionate about life in general, I wear many hats. A gardener and crafter at heart, I incorporate both.

My yard and greenhouse are usually full of handmade, recycled, DIY objects. My many family members and my friends are the perks in my life. I enjoy making peanut butter sandwiches… aka… random acts of kindness.

I started this blog last year, then my computer crashed. My daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma and my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer. So… the blog was put on hold.

Unfortunately all of my Evie’s Gardens files were lost when my computer crashed. So I must start over. 😦

Computer is fixed. Life goes on. (Still haven’t retrieved all my files, but we are working on that.)

My news years resolution was to embrace the life God has given me, to live it, love it, and laugh and enjoy it and definitely be thankful for it!

No worrying about what ifs, no dwelling on why I didn’t. To do what I am led, no questions asked!

This is  my granddaughter Ashley. I have challenged her to eat healthier.

We’re working on this! Click on the picture and see what Doctor Oz says about healthy foods!


We are making healthy choices this year!

When cancer strikes your family you question your mortality. We have a challenge to eat healthier! We are doing this daily in the choices we make!

Oh, to have the energy this little guy has!

Let's get healthy!

If my grandson Cooper can hoola hoop, I can, too!

My daughter Mirandy received the results for her pet scan. Halfway through chemo, the cancer has shrunk in half! Yeah, I’m praising the Lord!

Team Mandy

 This is my daughter Mirandy (front row – center), her family, my son and his family, and me!

This guy on the right is my husband. At this time I am staying with my daughter in IL while he remains at home in OK.

We are just a small part of Team Mandy. There are so many who support her through this battle in her life. We had t-shirts made as a gesture to show her we care, and they are proudly worn in Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas! Go Team Mandy!

Even though we are having some bumps in the road, life is not going to get us down! We are fighting like a hoot! (Mirandy, aka, Mandy’s nickname)

I Pinned This!

I tried out the aluminum foil ball for the dryer that is supposed to get rid of static electricity. It didn’t. If anyone else tried it and it worked, tell me what you did right and what I didn’t!

If you would like to follow me as I go through my life in Evie’s Gardens… jump on board.

I’m you will find something that interest you, whether it is gardening, spiritual, crafts, food, DIY, kids fun, or just some good humorous fun! Please get involved!

Glad you dropped by.

Today I just wanted to introduce myself.

Hope your day is blessed beyond belief! ~Evie

In remembrance of  MLK… “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”~Martin Luther King

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren!

Grandparents are raising grandkids by the millions!

In 2007 there were  6.2 million grandparents raising grandchildren up to age 18 in the US, alone. Now, that’s a staggering number, people!

Here is the first step in getting these facts for your state. Click the link. <>
Source: 2007 American Community Survey

Being from Oklahoma and have participated in this very thing, I sympathise with all grandparents who have given of their own lives to help a child in need. That includes adoptive parents, who adopt in later years and are old enough to be a grandparent.

There are always good times, and bad times, and many times there are blessings for both, grandparents and grandchild.

In Oklahoma programs and services are available to these grandparents.

Many caretakers in this group do not have the resources or a computer to know how to find their way around the internet or know where to look once they are there.

Many are unaware of these services.

For my friends and family in Oklahoma, click the following link:

With the amount of baby boomers turning sixty and many more following soon, the Oklahoma State Plan on Aging is something we all have to think about sooner or later. Everyone knows someone who falls into this category and one day may need to use this plan.

It’s an interesting read. I learned a thing or two!

And back to grands raising grands, I have been there.

Done that!

Eight years of it, and let me tell you, it’s not easy!

It’s not important so much as to why the reason… this happens. All cases have diverse and various situations that come with the personal family. Every person has their own stories to tell.

Mine is just as different as everyone elses, although it all comes back to it… it’s a hard fact of life.

How do to deal with the problems that arise, when you  are dog tired, cried out, wrung out, and strung out to dry…


One problem with me was with the feelings of the children. They were confused and sad for not having their parents around; all the unsettling emotions that affect these situations of separation.

How would you deal with this, if it were you?

Would you be up to taking on this overwhelming task?  (Although it does have its rewards!)  🙂

So many people are facing this today, right this minute, as I type and as you read this.

If you know someone, who can benefit from this information, please share this blog with them. If you are in this situation, check this information out. You probably will find the help you are looking for!

Pass it on, someone somewhere is looking for this help! It’s just the right thing to do. Helping others along the way, that’s what it’s all about!

There is a lot of support for grandparents raising grandchildren, and aging; help yourself to some.

Would You Teach This?

Posts are going around Facebook about teachers, the new school year, and bullying. Started me pondering again about the school systems, taking prayer out of schools, the sacrifices our educators are making, and much more.

In years past I, too, worked with children in teaching and leading various scouting programs.  A substitute teacher and a teacher’s aide for the surrounding area where I resided,  I remember how hard it was!

It is a wonderful blessing when the day is productive, and the class learns the lessons taught. I felt great joy when a slow learning child finally “got” it!

I also remember the bullying, the unruly children, the disheartening feelings I felt after a hard day of these situations.

Just a thought, parents, remember when… you were a child growing up and your parents sided with the teacher? Remember when… most of the time they were right?

Did you ever make a trip to the principal’s office, shaking in your boots?

Remember when you didn’t get taught because some unruly child misbehaved? Those are the times you didn’t get to learn anything. A day wasted, just like in your child’s life.

Today, more and more teachers are dipping into their own pockets to teach your children. (I know this because I have many teacher friends and I did, too!)

Have you ever offered to volunteer to help your child’s teacher? Bring a snack, a box of kleenex?

I just would like to say (for the good of all)… get involved! Help a teacher out, there are so many avenues in wich you can do this!

From reading to a class, or helping organize a file cabinet, a teacher will appreciate your help. Contact your child’s school to see where you can help.

Remember, we are all in this together, whether a teacher, a pupil, or a parent wanting a child to get the best education.

The first lessons are the ones taught at home. Teach a child respect, and more than likely that child will show respect. Teach them the value of an education, and they will get one. Teach them kindness, they will show kindness. Caring, well, same thing, so let’s educate all of our children, and let’s all make our future nation a better place for it.

What are your aspirations for your child… for your nieces, nephews, and grandchildren (if it applies)?

Let’s not forget teachers aren’t babysitters, and while they do get paid… would you take on their job?

Would you spend all that time to go to college to learn to teach, then get the salary they do to spend a lot of your day trying to get control over unruly children, so you can do your job?

Our nation depends on our parents to help out our teachers, because our government taxes surely aren’t doing it!

And no, teachers don’t make that much money. Check it out! Oklahoma ranks one of the lowest, at $33,277 yearly. Divide that into twelve months, because they don’t get paid for the break your children get in the summer.

Take into consideration how much they have to pay for college, and how many years of schooling it takes to land this job… to teach your precious children. Have compassion and be there for your children’s teachers!

It does take a village to raise a child… starting with the parents and teachers.

Trust me, they aren’t in it for the money. If they were, no children would learn anything.

Could you handle that many kids all day long without having moments of impatience? Do you spend a whole day without feeling aggravated at something one of your own did? Have you ever had to reprimand them?

In your opinion, what can a parent do to help educate our nation’s children? What can you do?

Stand up for a teacher today!

Teach your children about bullying others, and what to do if you see another student bullying. Encourage them to make friends, and not with just the best dressed, most popular one. That child could end up being the best friend your child will ever have.

Just my lowly opinion… from Mrs. M. to all my previous students who read this. And to you and everyone else, let’s bring our school systems back to what they were!

Starting with, let’s demand prayer be put back in the school systems, and give control back to who it rightly belongs to… the educators. If they aren’t in control, they can’t teach! (And isn’t that why we send our children to school?)

Of my horse, now!

Kudos to all teachers!

God bless you all! Evie!

One Hot Summer

Fried brains, anyone? I think mine may be, well, I really don’t know. I couldn’t tell you, it isn’t working too well. This heat is getting to me.

Weatherman George Flickinger says: (FYI:) if the all-time Oklahoma state record of 120° is reached today, the most likely place will be either side of Highway 75 between Tulsa and McAlester.

Well, guess what! That puts us right smack dab in the middle of where he is predicting. It’s 2:20PM  now, and the temperature is 112° here in Eufaula, Oklahoma, according to the Weather Channel.

The highest temperature recorded in Oklahoma is 120°, Fahrenheit, recorded on July 26, 1934 at Tishomingo. So it has been hotter, but most of us have never lived through that or were so young we don’t remember.

The air conditioner in my Blazer is not working, and I am telling you, it was hot in there. The thermometer read 119°. Thankfully I carry a squirt bottle full of water in my car, and it cooled me off to a point.

Just wondering how people survived without electricity, air conditioning, ice makers, or fans.

The talk around Facebook centers around the heat. People are posting thermometer readings left and right. Every one is concerned. Prayers are going up, people are complaining.

Some think God is cursing us. Others believe the world is about to come to an end. What do you think?

All I know is this is the hottest summer I have ever known in all my years on this earth, and I am ready for some cooler weather. It makes me wonder what our winter will be like.

A friend of mine couldn’t sleep last night, and posted that he had lain there all night and solved all the world’s problems. I asked him what he was going to do to handle the rain situation. He told me to just wait. I’m thinking he hasn’t got that one figured out yet. So I will wait.

On God!

I don’t believe God is cursing us. As for the world coming to an end, well, that is God’s call. I just hope when He does call us home, He finds me worthy to take to Heaven, and has a room ready for me.

I don’t care about a mansion, unless of course, it would come complete with a housekeeper and a good cook. 🙂

Maybe, just maybe, He is giving us a wake up call, and giving us a taste of what hell might be… for eternity. Or could be that He is just letting mother nature take her course. I really do not want to question Him.

Whatever it is, we really should question ourselves, our hearts and minds. Just where do you stand with God?

I stand under the Son!

Just heard from three different people in OK in different places getting rain now. THERE IS HOPE!

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