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Inspired Again!

Every day something inspires me to do better. Pinterest boards inspire me to do so much more… I love the hints, tips, and recipes!

Hot chocolate, anyone?

Last year while living and spending time with two of my favorite kids, we  looked on Pinterest to make Christmas presents for their teachers. We decided  to make our own Rudolphs!  After seeing  hot chocolate gifts, we started with a basic hot chocolate mix and did our thing.  This is the end result! We had fun making all them all.

You can use store-bought mix, or just comment and let me know, I will send you a link to the recipe that I have tweaked and used for years. It’s G’ma Dot’s!

Check it out… there are lots of inspiring links on my Pinterest boards. People inspire me to do crafty things around this homestead!

My friend and auxiliary sister turned eighteen recently. She inspires me!

Always amazes me to see a lady (Yes, you are a lady!) at this age, knowing what she wants from her life, and making to effort to do the best she can.

I get inspiration from those who supports our military at this young age and doing good for others,  when most are concentrating on the fun side of life.

The auxiliary I belong to… you inspire me, sisters!

Thank you for your service and your friendship!  I hope what we do helps someone along the way!

If you would be interested in joining the cause, check out

Will you be my inspiration tomorrow? Looking forward to finding out.

My sister-in-law inspires me. Happy birthday, Evelyn Kay Thompson. Sharing her world tomorrow, maybe. 🙂

Have a fruit filled day! ~ Evie

Just What Is Life To You?

It's the little things in life that make me smile!

It’s the little things in life that make it worth getting out of bed for. Something as simple as a word from a friend or a sibling can make our day brighter. It could be a bird chirping that brings a smile to your face and in your heart. Maybe it is a beautiful rose budding out covered in the morning dew. Maybe your child is starting school for the first time, or that child lost a front tooth!

There is an old Irish saying that comes to mind, Live long, laugh often, love much.  Although sometimes life ends too soon, and tears flow; the love that you share with others is the binding tie.

My friend just attended a funeral for a very close family friend whose life ended suddenly, and as I reflected on her words she had posted on Facebook, I thought about how many times I have spoken those very words. “It is good to see everyone, but not under these sad circumstances.”

Why is it that we don’t make the effort to take the time to reconnect with our loved ones more often? I know life gets busy, but it is so bittersweet that we always see each other at funerals.

And on that thought, who will be next? It could be you, me, your best friend, or your sister or brother. Could be your child.

Just a phone call to say hello, a plate of cookies to share with a friend, a compliment to say, “I appreciate what you have done for me!”

In this world of turmoil and strife, those little things are what makes a person’s day better and yours, too.

You don’t have to spend money you don’t have to bring a smile to someone’s heart. It’s connections with your people. Caring thoughts and sincere words do more than anything a dollar can buy.

It’s relationships, it’s feelings. Take time out of your day to call someone you care about. Even go a step farther and call an elderly person, just to let them know you are thinking of them! Call your momma! 🙂

Life is precious, life is short. It’s all about feelings, all about a person’s heart.

It’s dancing in the rain, a soft breeze on a hot summer day.

It’s me rambling on!

My forever friend posted this on Facebook today…

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart!

So true… and just what are those things that fill your heart? Is it trying to get ahead, to buy a new toy, or is it the people you love?

For me, it is the people I love. God bless you all, and thank you for everything you have ever done for me, what you mean to me! And by the way, thanks for reading my ramblings! I hope it touches your heart!

Are You Virtuous?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines virtue as conformity to a standard of right; a particular moral excellence and more. To have virtue is to have a commendable quality or trait.
So I am wondering this morning just what we do to prove ourselves virtuous? Are we doing our best we can to behave in a way that is becoming to others around us? Is our daily conduct pure and full of good intention, putting others before ourselves? Or do we have the tendency to think about me before others? Do words come out of your mouth you wish you could take back?
From our partners in life, to our children, parents, siblings, family, and friends, do we behave according to the teachings of God? What about in the workplace, in traffic,  at the grocery?
Is patience a virtue? Yes.
Kindness? Yes.
Reflecting on my commendable qualities and traits, I realise I fall short in so many areas. My patience can get very thin when I hear negativity, and it tends to irritate me. I really need to work on this. But then, God’s still working on me! 🙂
Like I said in yesterday’s blog, we don’t always agree with what comes from someone else mouth or their minds.
In all honesty, I try to show kindness. Sometimes it is hard to do when people drive you crazy with the things they say and do. I want to mouth back and tell them to get a life. Well, they have one, and judging them is not a virtuous thing to do! It is putting me, right there, doing the same thing that disappoints me. I’m still working on this, too!
The spoken word is a powerful thing, and could have a blessed outcome, or can harbour ill feelings. Even a flippant remark can cause offense in an insecure person.
My grandmother had a saying that my Mom shared with me. I try to remember it when I get ready to run my mouth! “Taste your words before you spit them out!” Such wise words from two women that were as close to virtuous as most any I know.
Contentment…  with what you have, not what you want to have seems a virtuous trait, I would say. This is the one area I feel like I do okay with. I’m content with what I have. Okay, maybe I am not so content with the weather, but that is in God’s hands, not mine.
What does virtue mean to you? Is it striving to help your husband or parents as much as you can? Taking food to someone? Helping the needy, the sick, the downcast?
Here are a couple of things that aren’t virtuous… gossip and putting others down.
Would love your opinion. We can all use good advice to make us stronger, more chaste human beings. How can we strive as women to behave more virtuously?
Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31-10
Okay, my husband said I should put this in here. He really thought it was funny! While I was proofreading and editing this post, my computer froze up and wouldn’t let me edit a word. That patience imperfection rose up and I growled.
He questioned me, “Did I do something to upset you?”
I bit my tongue, and replied, “No!” A few minutes later, I shared with him what was happening that frustrated me. He cracked up!
I told you, “I am still working on that! God’s not finished with me yet!”
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