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Simplicity Or Imperfection

In this world of technology and hectic schedules there never seems time to relax.

The chores seem to pile up and when we do have a free day from work or errands, we have to play catch up at home!

I have figured out that perfection has no place at my home.

Another thing is, the simpler, the better.

My house looks lived in, and my gardens need weeding!

The laundry is not folded and put away.

Everything used  to be in its place and  the kitchen countertop cleared and wiped down. Now when I have dirty dishes, I am reminded that we have plenty to eat! I look at it as a blessing!

Funny how my thoughts have changed as I have grown older.

It doesn’t bother me (much) if someone comes in and sees my vacuum that is sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Makes them think I am making the effort to clean, anyway! 

I don’t really care that my bed is unmade. I’m just going to get back in it afterwhile!

Clutter must be my friend, because it is always hanging around me, so I have just decided to embrace it! I may not pick it up tomorrow either.

I will not get stressed out over the imperfections in my life. I will just put the KISS procedure in place.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Who cares that the light bulb in the living room lamp has been burned out for three weeks. Just makes for ambiance and romance!

So the coffee is still setting on the counter, why waste time putting it away, when I am just going to make a pot later?

One thing I do to keep order is play a game called Ten Things. When I take a break from whatever it is I am doing, I pick up and put away ten things. Soon, those ten things multiply and the house is straightened!

This is simplicity at its best, because it can be overwhelming when you are trying to accomplish everything at one time.

A time saver I love is my crock pot! My meals cook while I am doing other chores, so I am multi-tasking! That makes me feel better, because I am getting more done, in less time!

Another time saver I have figured out has to do with folding laundry, wash cloths in particular. I realized that if I fold them in half instead of fourths, my folding time is cut in half. The less folds, the faster the laundry is done!

What do you do to save time at your house? Please share your tips with us!

So, I say multi-task, keep it simple, and embrace those imperfections. There are no perfect people!

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