Life is good in the trailer hood!

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I started earlier to write, but I was distracted!

Unfortunately I lost my train of thought… the one I was going to post! I’m sure it had to do with being opinionated! 🙂

We had a visitor this morning. Although I try very hard to tolerate this person, I have no patience with this being. And while I do not want to judge another person, facts remain… you can’t see eye to eye with everyone.

That being said, how do you converse with someone who talks over you, who… when to try to add to the conversation doesn’t even acknowledge you had spoken?

The blue jays were louder than usual! I think they were warning the trailer hood that something was going on! (Yes… there was… a loud mouth!)

Okay, off my soapbox… but seriously, just how do you shut out that nonsense?

❤ ~evie… longing for peace and stillness! 🙂


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