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Sitting here relaxing with my hubby, he’s watching a movie, I am catching up with my friends (That’s you!)

My morning started differently. Early phone call from my hubby’s friend, he wanted to come by and show us some peppers his friend grew, and have me show him how to save the seed.

Then my sisters come knocking…

First my younger sister comes in bringing me books that my sweet friend Shelly sent for the book drive. The neighbor said it was in his mailbox, and he gave it to her. (Thank you, Vicki and neighbor!)

She leaves, and my older sister comes in bringing my food saver rolls she picked up for me in the city… oh, and spice containers! 🙂 (Thank you, Pat!)

Then the friend shows up. Big bell peppers. 9 inches long. Any one know what these are? They taste like bell peppers.

Any way, I saved the seed.

He left. (and, too, left a wide mouth Mason jar he was drinking tea in, as well as the peppers and the seed.) Thank you! They are dehydrating nicely! 😉

Another knock on the door. My sisters are carrying in three bags of clothes from my youngest sister and her friend. Oh, Pat and I had so much fun trying on clothes! (Can you say SCORE?)

I love shopping with my sisters like this… our total cost is nothing! It’s fun, too, because we say all through the session, I think I gave you that! Love time with my sisters! We modeled!!

Another good thing… my hubby has decided I need more closet space. All for that! You know me, I love storage spaces!

Then we had a great time and meal with some of my family! After our meal and visiting a bit, the ladies (and we are all ladies! 😉 ) carried the food to put away in the camper.

Guess what? We didn’t go back outside. We all sat around in my sister’s camper, comfy and having a hen session with our niece Dez!

We talked of everything from great sales on food to canning meat, herbs, jobs, grand kids, and clothes. Pinterest ideas were flying, and wedding rings were mentioned!

It was a pleasant afternoon with my sisters, brothers in law, sister-in-law, and niece.

And to ice the cake… my oldest sister is buying a place just up the road a bit. It’s going to be awesome when we can all retire and be neighbors!

Blessed with all good things! Hope your day is, as well!

❤ ~evie

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