Life is good in the trailer hood!

Under The Sun

This morning as I sat drinking my coffee, I contemplated on what I should write about today. Usually it is about a particular subject that is on my mind, but this morning, I was just, well, brain-dead. So I checked my Facebook instead.

The topics on my Facebook ranged from giants in the church meeting, to hoola hoops for the waist, to giving blood, and much more. Everything under the sun is what was written.

This started me thinking that is just what I do, write about everything under the sun! Hoping you don’t get bored reading my blog!

Today is my friend’s birthday. You’ll have to guess how old she is, because I am older, not much mind you, but older! Plus, she might get mad at me! (My mother said a lady never tells her age! Oh no, that was another friend’s mother.)

I was thinking back to when we first met, many moons ago, about the times we’ve shared through the years. She was one of my firstpen pals, living several states away, we were probably ten years old. It makes me feel blessed that she is still in my life.

I have many friends from my youth that I stay in contact with, or have reconnected with through Facebook. I have made many more through the years.

Now in the process of writing a book about my sister-friends, I thought of a poem I wrote several years ago. Since you are my friend, I would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

A Friend Indeed

Did you ever wonder what a friend is about

Ever sit and think it out?

A friend will sit and lend an ear

To anything you want to share.

She won’t judge or think you bad

Even though you might make her sad.

A shoulder, on which you can lean,

The lines she won’t read between.

Won’t try to change who you are

But will try to help you go far.

In your life whatever you do

Hard times she will help you through.

The good times she will want to share

She loves you and you know she cares.

With you she won’t try to compete

Just help to make your life complete.

Someone to cry with, or share a laugh

Someone to depend on, on your behalf.

She’ll take your kids, treat them like her own

Or visit with you on the telephone.

Sometimes for hours, making small talk

Sharing feelings or taking a walk.

She will share your hurt and your pain

And let your tears flow like rain.

She’ll comfort you and lighten your load

Help you down those rocky roads.

So if you wonder what it’s all about

Just think of me, a friend no doubt!

by Evelyn Mynhier 1989

I am blessed to be your friend!

Comment if you enjoyed this and feel free to share!


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